After LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber got into the most random argument about D’Andra Simmons’ wedding during the first Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, it just made sense for her to join the cast. If attending D’Andra’s wedding is actually a status symbol in Dallas, then she really needed to be on this show to make it legit. Plus let’s be honest: Season 1 wasn’t the best start for a Real Housewives show. The addition of D’Andra could only help.

D’Andra joining this show is a logical move for series. She actually has preexisting relationships within the cast and there is something authentic about her signing up instead of a random. Even so, it wasn’t the easiest move for D’Andra to make since apparently there were a lot of people in Dallas who had a problem with it.

D’Andra opened up about her pre-Housewives life and why she said yes to film Season 2 during an interview for the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. She shared, “I knew LeeAnne Locken. We were personal friends and she mentioned to me that she thought I would be a good addition to the cast. I also knew Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman a little bit and of course, Kameron [Westcott] was also considering being on the cast. We thought maybe we should do it together and it would be fun for us to do together.” I don’t know if “fun” is the word since there is an inevitable amount of drama and stress that comes with being a Housewife, but it is a great platform to launch other business ventures.

Even though D’Andra wanted to be a Real Housewife, the Dallas community was not super into the idea. She admitted, “As far as the local people in Dallas, I have my good friends that are going to stay beside me no matter what, but a lot of people went away. They didn’t approve of it. I remember at some charity event I was at, some of the very prominent social life women cornered me.”
D’Andra continued, “My husband- who’s just so wonderful- came up and interjected and said ‘D’Andra is doing this because she has a business. I have a business. This is something that we feel is going to increase our brand. We thought about it and prayed about it as a family and this is the right decision for us.'”
The new RHOD cast member admitted, “It was a way for me to have a platform for different causes that I’m passionate about, but the main thing was to build my business and build my brand.” And this brand seems a lot more sound than a lot of the Real Housewives’ attempts at business ventures.
[Photo Credit: Bravo]
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