I don’t blame anyone for sleeping on Real Housewives of Dallas after Season 1, but Season 2 is definitely coming through. It’s way better than anyone ever expected. And of course LeeAnne Locken is at the center of it all. Everyone is either talking about LeeAnne or looking for an excuse to bring her up. It all comes back to LeeAnne and all of those women- especially the ones she doesn’t get along with- should thank her for giving everyone story lines.

Not only does LeeAnne deliver during the episodes, but she also has a lot to say after they air.

LeeAnne discussed the last episode in her Bravo blog. She commented about Kameron Westcott’s backhanded digs at Cary Deuber’s choice of swimwear. Since LeeAnne and Cary are arch enemies, it’s not that surprising that LeeAnne took Kameron’s side. She remarked, “Kameron and The Swimsuit…all I have to say is LOL! Seriously, sometimes when Kameron speaks her mind so honestly, it puts me on the floor in stitches, this time not excluded. I know that moment was supposed to be about Cary’s body, but I think Kam totally stole the scene.” I’m pretty sure the scene was about Kameron being pretentious and condescending.

And of course LeeAnne went in on Brandi Redmond. It’s so unclear whether or not these two are on good terms. It really seems to change from one second to the next, but today LeeAnne is definitely not a fan of Brandi’s. She wrote, “In Brandi’s confessional, when she mentioned how she wanted to be a part of a group of friends with no judgment, she really meant no judgment against her. Now, anyone else being judged is totally fine— funny even. I think this allows a look into Brandi’s ongoing issue of feeling ‘less than’ others. This insecurity is ultimately what led to many of our fights last year; she interprets differing opinions or disparate outlooks as a personal judgment against her. This is a problem because it bleeds into her friendships, where she is convinced ‘judgment’ should not exist. This whole franchise is about people judging each other.

Hopefully the dildo in D’Andra Simmons’ purse doesn’t turn into the poop hat of last season, getting discussed during way too many episodes than it ever needed to be. LeeAnne wrote, “D’Andra Simmons’ reaction to the dildo was perfect. It was calm but good-natured, and that’s why I’m so confused about Brandi’s ‘conservative’ comment regarding D’Andra. Brandi calling D’Andra conservative is *hard* (ha) evidence that Brandi doesn’t really know her.”

LeeAnne continued, “This woman has been to places none of the others would step foot in — DAndra actually goes to some of the hardest third world countries for vacation. Why? Because in D’Andra is a true traveler, a true experiencer, and a humble and interested human in the realities of this planet. We could learn from that — Brandi could learn from that.”

Ugh. The dildo talk continued: “Now once the dildo came out, and Kam reacted, I immediately knew there was a problem. Kameron lives in a different world than most, and that’s okay. Her family name requires that she behave in a certain manner. Again, that’s okay. Others need to accept that and stop trying to force Kam into the box they want her to be in. Brandi not only doesn’t understand this but also she refuses to accept it. Once the dildo was rejected by some, Steph [Hollman] and Brandi turned into the ‘mean girls.’ That’s when the shenanigans should have stopped.” This reach for a story line was definitely a failure. Next, please. Yes, Kameron is super pretentious and judgmental, but the joke wasn’t that funny. It’s getting way too much air time.

LeeAnne wondered, “Why did Cary [Deuber] not step in to help out her friend Kameron? Big shrug. So, at some point, it wasn’t about a sex toy; it was about STOPPING the blatant discomfort that seemed to be getting worse and worse.”Interesting point. If she’s friends with everyone in the group (except for LeeAnne obviously), then why didn’t she act like a friend when Kameron needed it? Sure, Kameron overreacted, but Brandi let that joke ride out for a way too long. A mutual friend would have been the perfect person to cut that shit off.

Instead Cary decided to talk about LeeAnne’s man Rich Emberlin. Obviously this did not sit well with LeeAnne who wrote, “Ugh, Cary’s mouth never stops running. ‘Bet you scared the sh*t out of LeeAnne with that thing.’ Excuse me? ‘I heard he has the world’s smallest penis. Isn’t that sad? It’s embarrassing.’ Again — what in the hell?” Who would Cary even hear that from?

LeeAnne declared, “No Caryyou’re sad. No Cary, you’re embarrassing and embarrassed. But that’s fine. To make yourself feel better, go ahead and use your form of overcompensation by hitting below the belt with girls who pander and eat up whatever you say. No challenge there. Good job! What an accomplishment.” Obviously Cary was trying her best to make fun of LeeAnne and Rich, but it was definitely Cary who ended up looking bad.

LeeAnne called out Cary: “Cary calling this a ‘reset dinner’ after what she just said goes to show the level of ‘what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander,’ meaning that it’s totally okay for her to talk bad about me, but if I do it it’s 100 percent completely wrong. I simply refuse to accept her whacked-out view of reality. But by all means, let’s reset before I find out what you said about Rich. I mean, that’s fair, right?”

LeeAnne wasn’t done though. She had even more to say about that last episode. She wrote, “The dinner by The Grand Vela was simply amazing. And then BOOM. Brandi goes for Kam. What a freaking buzzkill if there ever was one. It didn’t surprise me when Kam hit back with the strip club comment. Kam didn’t want this argument, but Brandi and Steph sure did, and they got it. It’s just so typical that Steph got offended and bit back. This is what these two will always do; it’s called tag teaming. And it’s not fair.”

Then she hit Stephanie below the belt: “Oh, and Steph? Can you please make up your mind? One week you’re crying because you ‘neglected’ your family for Brandi, and this week you are a ‘damn good parent.’ I mean, which one is the real Steph?”

LeeAnne continued, “SECOND BOOM. Cary craps on Kameron, and now Kam sees the lack of loyalty from Cary regarding their private conversations. Nothing is sacred or off the record with them. This is why I will never trust any of these three women — they don’t even have loyalty amongst themselves!”

LeeAnne kept talking about how insecure she thinks Brandi is: “Kameron hit the nail on the head when she said that Brandi needs to deal with this problem of insecurity. TRUTH. Cary then said in her confessional that the deeper issue between Brandi and Kam is CLASS, which goes to show that Cary ultimately doesn’t think that Brandi is as ‘classy’ as Kam. I wonder if Brandi caught that…”

She teased, “So y’all tell me, who’s lying? What is the truth? Who are the real friends? I can’t wait to find out next week.”

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