Brandi Redmond Clarifies If She’s Afraid of LeeAnne Locken & If She Would Be Friends With Kameron Westcott

The Real Housewives of Dallas ladies have really come through for Season 2. After a painfully boring first season, the women really delivered during their sophomore year on TV. A big part of that was thanks to Brandi Redmond, who got into it with pretty much everyone in the cast this year- except for maybe D’Andra Simmons, but if that happened, it must not have been a big deal since it doesn’t come to mind. Or it just happened while I was up for a snack break.

Anyway, Brandi has a lot to say about how she got on the show, her up and down relationship with LeeAnne Locken, and more RHOD-related topics during a talk with Kate Casey.

In an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Brandi explained that she wasn’t dying to be a reality TV star. Brandi recalled, “It was very strange. I remember the casting people came and they just did a phone interview. I believe they were calling the show ‘How to Make it in Dallas’ and I think I literally said, ‘The only thing I know how to make in Dallas is a bed.'”

Unlike some of the cast members who are all about their Dallas zip code, Brandi could not care less. She admitted, “I appreciate the social life that Dallas has to offer, but I’m not someone to do appearances and go to every event just to be seen. That was the feeling I was getting about the direction the people were going and I think that’s party of the reason they liked me: because I was so different from that and because of my friendship with Stephanie [Hollman].”

It was tough for her to get used to filming and Brandi shared, “It was very hard to really get comfortable with what was going on.”  She even admits that it was tough on her relationship with her husband, “I was just missing the mark with communicating with him, but through that we learned and grew from the experience. We went to counseling and I think that we’re stronger and better than ever. We renewed our vows and it was just us, private just friends and family. I feel like it made us stronger.”

Even though filming the show was tough, she doesn’t seem to be greatly affected by the show airing. Brandi said, “I’m not a big social media person. I just try to live in the moment and not on social media.” The same cannot be said about other Housewives. Still, Brandi did say, “I want to say thank you to everyone who says sweet things, but at the same time there are some nasty, negative people out there and the things they say can be very hurtful. I’ve just chosen to give a gracious thank you for the support, but I’m not going to let those negative things affect me.”

Kate asked Brandi if she knew D’Andra and Kameron Westcott before they joined the show. Brandi said, “I met D’Andra a few times, but I did not know Kameron.” And obviously they did not become BFF’s and a big part of that is probably because they are close with Brandi’s on-again-off-again enemy LeeAnne.

Brandi said, “When we were in Austin last season, I really did start warming up to LeeAnne and seeing the fun side to her. Leaving Season 1, I just felt like we were in a good place. I wouldn’t say we were best friends although a lot of people like to say that.” By “a lot of people,” I have to assume that Brandi is just alluding to LeeAnne herself. Brandi explained, “There’s friends that you share deep things with and then there’s surface friends.”

Even though Brandi really leaned on LeeAnne during her rift with Stephanie, she did insist that LeeAnne was not allowed in her home because her children were “scared of LeeAnne.” So it’s not too shocking that Kate  asked, “Are you afraid of LeeAnne? If you were in an alley, would you bring a pocket knife in your back pocket just in case?” Brandi answered, “That is a good question. It depends if LeeAnne had been drinking or if she’s medicated. We have to have rules for this alley.”

Kate asked Brandi what tagline she would give Kameron and shockingly enough, Brandi did not take the bait to talk shit about Kameron and shared, “I feel like I am currently trying with Kameron.”

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