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If it wasn’t already clear that there are two distinct sides on Real Housewives of Dallas, the latest Watch What Happens Live episode made that very clear. Andy Cohen had Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, and Cary Deuber in the clubhouse, and as expected, LeeAnne Locken was the hot topic of conversation.

Then again, when is she not? If it wasn’t for LeeAnne and her friction with the cast during Season 1, there is no chance that this show would come back for a Season 2. No matter how much these women dislike LeeAnne (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) they should all be grateful that she is providing content for this show… and apparently for Watch What Happens Live as well.

Andy asked if the friendship between Brandi and LeeAnne is genuine and Cary said, “I think it is on one side, but not the other probably.” Gee, which side is she referring to? No one could ever guess.

Brandi also addressed her comments about LeeAnne not being allowed in her home. She shared, “She has been in my home one time and that was before I knew that she said that I was stupid and basically called me a bad mother.”

When asked about her daughters being “scared” of LeeAnne, Brandi explained, “Well, they think that LeeAnne is kind of like the wicked witch. She has that dark hair and her voice is very dark. They’ve actually seen me cry over some the situations we were in so they just think she’s not a nice person.”

Andy baited the ladies to continue throwing shade at LeeAnne when he asked why it’s taking her boyfriend so long to propose. Brandi said, “Because he’s scared.” Stephanie threw in, “He doesn’t want to die.”

When discussing the lessons learned from watching Season 1 of the show, the ladies’ comments were actually on point.

Brandi said, “I didn’t realize I talked about poop so much”- which made Season 1 pretty annoying to watch.

Stephanie admitted, “I’m such a weenie. I would watch the show and I would want to say something and I was like ‘Why don’t I say what I think more?'” Sorry to be a cliche, but it really does seem like Stephanie has “found her voice” this season, especially when it comes to her marriage, so it’s probably a good thing that she got to watch herself back during the first season.

Cary had the best answer:  “I really think I’m funny sometimes when I guess I’m not.” I’m not going to argue with that one.

During a game, Andy asked about the celebrity that Cary had sex with on a private plane and it turns out that it was Lance Armstrong. Cary revealed, “We dated for six months. After Sheryl. It was right after Sheryl.” As in Sheryl Crow.

Cary was put in the hot seat again when she was asked to comment on D’Andra Simmons’ emotions over her step son during the last RHOD episode since she is a step mom herself. Cary explained, “It’s one way to go. It’s definitely not the way I probably would handle things because I’m not confrontational at all with my step kids.”

When asked about the new girls on the show, D’Andra and Kameron Westcott, Stephanie said, “I like both of them. The one thing I don’t like is I feel like it’s a little pretentious with the zip code. I don’t like that crap. It’s disgusting sometimes.”

And just for good measure, Andy made sure to ask just one more question about LeeAnne. He asked, “Are you guys all good with LeeAnne?” Stephanie blurted out, “No, never,” while she giggled.

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