Kristen Doute Explains Why She Ditched The Paris Trip With Stassi Schroeder & Katie Maloney; Sharees Thoughts On The Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Trailer

Even though we were promised a November premiere date for Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules and now we have to wait until December, all is forgiven after that epic super tease. Well, almost all. It was full of the usual drama, but where was my girl Kristen Doute? I actually had to rewind it to watch it more closely to see what she was up to. Well, truthfully I would have watched it a few times anyway.

But what is going on? Is everything cool with Kristen and the rest of the cast? She is barely in the trailer and there was a huge stir on social media after she ditched the Paris trip with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney.

Kristen clears it all up in an interview for the Be Here for A While podcast which is hosted by her friend (and occasional Vanderpump Rules cameo) Rachael O’Brien. Kristen shared her reaction to the Season 6 trailer: “You only see the side of my face and my shoulders. I guess they’re saving all my wonderful jams and juice for the actual show.”

As far as what actually did get shown in the trailer, Kristen remarked, “You see I throw a drink on James [Kennedy]. It wouldn’t be a season of Vanderpump Rules without a drink being thrown.” So true. Now I just want to know why that drink was thrown.

Kristen also described the trailer as “exciting and interesting.” She added, “It was showing sides of people [that you don’t normally see]. You never see Ariana [Madix] lash out.” She pointed out, “My ear was in that. I was standing next to her.” She deserves so much more than to have her ear shown in that trailer. SMH, editors.

Then the interview got juicy when Kristen discussed ditching the Paris trip. Kristen divulged, “I had to talk about it on Vanderpump Rules too because Katie and I hadn’t talked until we filmed.” So obviously it’s safe to assume the trip did not go well. Kristen confirmed, “We’ve all talked about it so much at this point. It’s not really a big secret.”

Kristen theorized, “I truly think that jet lag was my biggest demon because I never had jet lag. I used to think that going from LA to Michigan or LA to New York was jet lag. I couldn’t adjust. Plus we were drinking and alcohol was always a catalyst. I was just out of my mind and so tired.” She admitted, “I just hit a f-cking wall.”

What was the issue? Kristen shared, “There was a lot of stuff going on on social media. Stassi was getting upset about things. And then I become this justice warrior or something.” Rachael chimed in with, “Scheana [Marie] had said something mean about her or it may have been Ariana, who knows.” Kristen clarified, “It was pretty much Scheana. Stassi was getting really upset and I can’t stand to see any of my friends, especially Stassi, upset. So then I got upset and took it as if my world was crumbling down.”

So how did Kristen feeling bad for Stassi turn into Kristen ditching the trip?

Kristen explained, “I was going to have one day in between before [Brian] Carter and I were to go to Turks & Caicos and I like lost my shit, screaming at everybody. I was packing my bags. I called my older sister and had her change my flight.” Rachael told her, “I think you acted like a f-cking psycho and one should be able to control themselves in a f-cking country.” Kristen admitted, “I fight with everyone.”

Damn, I wish this trip was filmed. Kristen probably doesn’t, but I do. Rachael told Kristen, “You ruined my trip, but I understand you now.”

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[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]

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