Xscape Is Recording New Music Without Kandi Burruss

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14186 -- Pictured: Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

After the last Real Housewives of Atlanta season was centered around Kandi Burruss, this current one seems like a breeze for her two episodes in. That’s probably because most of Kandi’s drama is playing out on the docuseries with her girl group Xscape. The tension between Kandi and these ladies rivals the tension between Kandi and Porsha Williams on RHOA.

There seems to be a lot of love there, but there are issues over the past and the present that the ladies still don’t seem to agree on. So of course Andy Cohen was stirring up the pot when Kandi and the rest of the group stopped by the Bravo clubhouse to tape a Watch What Happens Live episode.

Andy made it clear that he is really into the Xscape spin-off show when he said, “I feel like I’m finding out more about Kandi’s secret life that we didn’t really know about.” And she does not seem too happy about that – aside from the additional paycheck.

After polling the audience to see if they’re on Shamea Morton or Porsha’s side in their feud, Andy told Kandi, “I guess I know whose side you’re on.” Kandi confirmed the obvious with “Clearly.” And for the record, 77% of the viewers made the right choice sided with Shamea.

Andy pointed out, “Kandi, it kind of seems like you don’t know the moves. ” Instead of just laughing about not being the best dancer, Kandi alluded to tension in the group when she said, “We were learning the moves in that part, but it was some things that happened in different episodes that I didn’t know because they had done stuff without me, so I didn’t know changes that they made to the song.” So awkward.

Andy asked Tamika Scott, “Was it hard for you to say ‘I made up the story about Jermaine Dupri?'” Tamika answered his question with a question: “Did I make up the story about Jermaine?” Yikes. The tension between these women is palpable. Kandi interjected with, “It wasn’t about the Jermaine part.”

Andy pushed, “Did you make up the Jermaine story?” Tamika insisted, “I didn’t make that up.” Kandi admitted, “Jermaine and I hooked up, but that’s not why the group broke up.” Andy clarified, “I’m asking about the radio interview”- obviously alluding to the radio interview where Tamika said Kandi was sleeping with everyone including Jermaine’s father.

Kandi commented, “There were other things that were said in interviews.” Then she said, “You said I hooked up with Jermaine’s dad and that’s absolutely not true.” Tamika said, “That was what I said that wasn’t correct.” I felt like I was watching a group therapy session instead of an interview. Even Andy wondered, “Things are all good with the four of you right?” That is very unclear.

Getting back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy asked, “Do you think Porsha is right to get mad at NeNe [Leakes] for saying she should be fired from the show, or does their fight go deeper as NeNe says?” Kandi answered, “Their fight definitely goes deeper. They have not even been talking for the last couple of years. They weren’t friends, so to me when you ask NeNe about her opinion on what happened last season, I’m like she wasn’t even her friend when she said what she said.” Porsha is just thirsting for a story line. Going vegan is not enough for Porsha to hold up a peach in the opening credits.

Andy asked Kandi about Shamea expressing that Porsha isn’t a good friend. Obviously, Kandi sided with Shamea and said, “I can totally understand why Shamea felt that way. I mean if you were great friends with somebody and then you saw the stuff she said behind her back on the show, you would be mad too.” How does Porsha think she is a good friend after the way she gossiped about her “best friend” all season? That makes zero sense.

When Andy asked if the group would record new songs, Kandi said, “The three of them are doing new music.” Again- so, so awkward.

Andy asked, “Is it under the name Xscape?” Kandi said, “I don’t know,” and none of the other ladies provided any additional clarification. Kandi just said, “I’m going to Broadway and some other things and they’re going to be working on music,” when she was pushed to explain why she wasn’t recording new music.

Just when I thought this interview could not be any more awkward, they all chose themselves when they were asked to name which member was the most successful after the group split up. Seriously? Isn’t Kandi the obvious answer here?

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Photo Credit: Bravo