Danielle Staub Addresses Dolores Catania’s Drug Accusations, Siggy Flicker’s Hormone Pellets, & Love For Margaret Josephs

Like carbon monoxide, Danielle Staub is the silent killer of this season’s Real Housewives Of New Jersey. She might not be a full time Housewife, and she might not be screaming in anyone’s face (yet), but she is certainly here to play. In her blog, Danielle addresses each of her cast mates, sharing her reaction to their behavior thus far on the series, and specifically who might be lying – cough, cough, Dolores Catania.

First, Danielle praises Teresa Giudice’s connection with her family, especially with her dad in the wake of his mourning. “It’s sweet seeing the connection you and your dad have. You are so good with him, Teresa. Honestly, it’s heartbreaking to hear his pain. Although you are heartbroken as well, you remain so empathetic to your dad while going through your own emotions. I personally think you’re doing an amazing job!”

Danielle also appreciates Teresa’s alliance friendship, which is being tested by the allegations Danielle is making about Dolores. She writes, “I appreciate you recognizing that I’m showing you how important you are to me by ‘putting in the work.’ That’s how friendships grow. It only takes a moment to make someone’s day, and I take time to make sure those that I love know how important they are to me.”

As for Melissa Gorga, well, there’s not much to say! But Danielle does praise her family dynamic, which seems like Melissa’s sole storyline lately. “Love your family dynamic. You are such a voice of reason. You handled the situation with your daughter and Joey so well—I applaud you. The advice you gave your hubby to spend time with Antonia was spot-on, and it was endearing to watch them together. Father and daughter relationships should all try to mirror what they have. You are a good mommy, honey.”

Margaret Josephs is also on Danielle’s BFF list – pigtails and all! However, Danielle does want to clear things up about her feelings on Dolores and her ex-husband, Frank. She writes to Margaret, “I know you already know this because I don’t ‘judge,’ so with that said, I was not judging Dolores and Frank. Dolores made it the world’s business by announcing that Frank had moved back in after 18 years (cough). I was merely following up and asking, ‘How does it work?’ Ex-husband, new boyfriend, Dolores, and the kids—all under the marital roof? OK, now that I’ve cleared that up, you know I love you to the moon and back, Margaret!”

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Okay, enough with the niceties! Moving on to Dolores, Danielle has a lot to say. She addresses Dolores at length in her blog, “You have spewed your venom at me for weeks now. I know it must be frustrating to be called out to answer for your behavior, but you only have yourself to blame. If you hadn’t denied speaking to me about Teresa, you’d be feeling pretty good about now. Instead, you lied about the conversation ever taking place, and now you’re creating all kinds of backlash for yourself by further embellishing your character and chewing on me like a dog with a bone! I am totally confident because I have experienced liars like yourself, one of which you are still very chatty with. Even though she has deeply hurt our friend Teresa, you still hang out with her. In what parallel universe is that being a good or ‘LOYAL’ friend to someone? No one gets this upset over something they ‘did not’ (operative) say or do. Perhaps you should learn how to first start telling the truth about your—maybe it’s best to save the rest for the couch!”

Danielle continues, “On the friendship note, the way you spoke about Teresa and Joe’s marriage to Siggy was not nice—shame on you! Careful dear, you’re showing your true colors! BTW, you got mad at me when I asked about your living situation, saying ‘it’s none of your f—ing business!’ Well, sugar pie, you made it everyone’s business when you announced it to the world on the show that Frank was moving back in. If you don’t want people to ask about your private business, then I suggest you stop telling us about it.” YIKES! So…Danielle and Dolores are not headed for reconciliation then, huh?

Ending with Siggy Flicker, Danielle pokes fun at her butt pellets. She jokes, “I want pellets! But quick question: does this make you on drugs…in Dolores’ eyes? And when exactly does this revolutionary technique actually kick in so that all of us can witness it? Inquiring minds want to know…”


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