Margaret Josephs’ Worst Fights on RHONJ

Photo by: Patrick Redmond/Bravo via Getty Images

Margaret Josephs joined Real Housewives of New Jersey during Season 8. And this powerhouse in pigtails was a natural fit. She was fresh, outspoken, and sometimes shocking. Margaret was equally at ease discussing business or how her marriage to her current husband, Joe Benigno, was the product of an affair. She was also known as “the vault” because she reportedly had dirt on all her RHONJ co-stars.

Since Margaret has a strong personality, she butted heads with several other cast members. Teresa Guidice wasn’t a fan. Shocker! And Margaret also argued with Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Staub.

Some of these confrontations were awful. I don’t think that physical fighting is ever acceptable. But these scenes also reminded us that these ladies will never eat in peace in this franchise. Let’s take a look back at Margaret Josephs’ worst fights on RHONJ.

6. Margaret has issues with Jennifer Aydin’s lipliner

During Season 9, Margaret was seated across the table from Jennifer. The two ladies started to bicker. “Baby I’m on point like nobody’s business,” Jennifer stated.

“Really? So’s your f—king lipliner. Why didn’t you fix it?” Margaret replied.

Jennifer replied, “Jealous much, bitch?” Then she made kissing faces and sounds at Margaret. Margaret stated that Jennifer’s lips looked “like a monkey’s asshole.” Was this necessary? I don’t think so. And another perfectly good meal was ignored.

5. Margaret and Danielle Staub throw down in Cabo

During the Season 9 cast trip to Cabo, the RHONJ cast sat down for dinner. Margaret admitted that she was wrong to make a comment that Jennifer’s husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, slept in the pool house. She admitted that she made the dig to upset Jennifer.

But Danielle, who was briefly Margaret’s bestie, decided to discuss Margaret’s kids. She needled the Marge, stating that she never sees her children or grandchildren. Everyone knows that kids are out of bounds, especially in this franchise. “Kids are off limits, Danielle,” Melissa Gorga reminded her co-star.

Margaret tossed wine at Danielle. So, Danielle threw a glass in Margaret’s direction before being restrained by security. “Well, she really, you know, it goes below the belt. She talks about my children, about my family,” Margaret told E! News. “I don’t even drink, so I had to grab [Dolores Catania’s] wine and just throw it right in her face, on her rented dress, you know.” Burn!

4. Margaret and Jennifer ruin Jennifer Fessler’s brunch

Newbie friend of the housewives Jennifer Fessler tried to host an elegant brunch at her home. Of course, everything went left when Jennifer Aydin and Margaret started going at it again. After Margaret accused Jennifer Aydin of being self-centered, Jennifer claimed that Margaret was talking behind her back to Melissa and Jennifer Fessler.

Remember, Margaret was the one who revealed on camera that Bill cheated on Jennifer Aydin years ago. That revelation blew up the couple’s world. They had worked hard to put it behind them and hide it from their children. “I have a family, which is something you’ll never f–king know what it’s like,” Jennifer said.

I’ll tell you what you don’t know, what I f–king have. A f–cking good marriage, you stupid b-tch,” Marge clapped back. Yikes! The hostess begged her guests to put a fork in it so her neighbors wouldn’t hear.

Afterward, Margaret decided to go home, but Jennifer Fessler stopped her. She asked Jennifer Aydin to leave instead, and Teresa opted to go with her.

3. Margaret and Teresa’s Nashville rumble

Let’s face it, Luis Ruelas, Teresa’s then fiancé, had red flags from the jump. But Teresa was blind to them. During a cast trip to Nashville, Teresa blamed Margaret for leaking false information to the blogs and trying to ruin Luis’s reputation. All by digging up people from Luis’ past.

Margaret called Teresa, “a sick disgusting liar.” So, Teresa cleared the table onto Margaret. I guess Teresa’s table-flipping skills aren’t limited to Jersey. So much for Southern hospitality! Luis, Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga, and Melissa hustled Teresa downstairs. But she still managed to head back up the stairs, spewing threats at Margaret.

2. Danielle pulled Margaret’s ponytail

The New Jersey ladies were at a shopping event when a disagreement popped off between Danielle and Margaret. Margaret poured water over Danielle’s head. Then Danielle tried to burn items from Margaret’s purse. Completely normal, right?

Before leaving, Danielle grabbed Margaret by the ponytail and tugged hard. It was scary. Margaret saw a chiropractor for “whiplash” from the incident. It came out later that Teresa encouraged Danielle to pull Margaret’s ponytail. The scene was upsetting and difficult to watch.

1. Margaret and Joe put someone in the pool

Jennifer and Bill had an anniversary celebration at their home in the Season 9 RHONJ finale. Danielle’s husband, Marty Caffrey, started an argument with Margaret’s husband by the pool. Marty accused Joe of being jealous because Margaret “doesn’t have the body Danielle has.” Then Margaret joined the gentlemen, and Marty started to get pretty hot. He claimed that Marge “emasculated” Joe. So, the couple pushed him into the pool.

As Danielle walked towards the backyard, she passed Joe and Margaret. “Your husband is in the pool,” Margaret told Danielle.

“Who threw my husband in the pool?” she exclaimed. “Me and my husband,” Margaret replied. That is an iconic moment in Real Housewives history.

Now that we have relived Margaret Josephs’ worst fights on the show, we’ve seen the funny, the bad, and the just plain ugly. But all of these clashes were unforgettable.

You can catch all these moments on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, streaming on Peacock.