Sheree's wig

Last season Sheree Whitfield finally got real about her marriage to Bob, and this season she continues to confront the painful reality of her ‘truth’ being exposed on Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

“My hope is through sharing this part of my life it can help empower others to face their past, learn from it, and heal from it,” says Sheree. “I want to continue to live in my truth and live my best life.”

Sheree admits that for years she “suppressed” the abuse and all of the feelings associated with it, but working with a life coach has helped her “process all of the feelings and deal with the emotions that were brought up by having that secret of abuse exposed.”

Now Sheree is “making some major changes moving forward and am going through a lot.” However, in order to finally start that “next chapter” and “be happy and free,” she’s realized she had to also be open with her children.

“Eventually, I want to get to a point in my life where my past isn’t weighing me down, where that dark cloud isn’t hanging over me,” Sheree continues. “I want my children to know what love is and what it is not as they navigate their own relationships. I want my kids to be able to know the signs when something feels wrong, and I want them to have the emotional intelligence to know that they do not deserve to feel sad, hurt, or less than when in a relationship.”

Sheree also thanks Kandi Burruss for helping her prepare for that pivotal conversation with her children. “Rehearsing the talk was definitely challenging because it required me to strip off the armor that I’ve worn for so many years. Knowing that this conversation was going to involve me being vulnerable was challenging because it was out of the norm for me as a parent. Rehearsing with my friends was emotionally draining, but I’m so thankful and blessed to have such a strong support system with my family and my friends, who I consider an extension of my family.”

Moving on, Sheree also commented on Porsha Williams‘s issues with Shamea. Sheree was “a bit surprised” to learn Porsha was skipping her BFF’s wedding, and was sad to see them fighting over it. “It’s never a good feeling to see genuine friends having issues. I’m hopeful that they’ll work it out,” she writes in her Bravo blog.

Well, tonight RHOA returns with a new episode and Sheree opens up the chateau for a party celebrating her mother Thelma. However, true to form Sheree runs into drama with her party planner. Who gon’ check you, boo?! Porsha realizes that blood sometimes does you wrong too when she gets in a fight with her sister Lauren. Kenya Moore continues struggling to connect with her husband, who remains in NYC. Cynthia Bailey experiences more dating mishaps, and NeNe Leakes deals with Gregg’s health issues.

You can discuss the episode below and make sure to catch our take in tomorrow morning’s recap!


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