NeNe Leakes Thinks Kim Zolciak Was “Looking For Some Sh*t To Start” At Her Party

Love her or hate her, you have to admit the the drama on this Real Housewives of Atlanta season went up a notch as soon as Kim Zolciak showed up at NeNe Leakes’ party.

Kim picked up right where she left off last season: coming for her newfound nemesis Kenya Moore.

But before discussing the Kim and Kenya drama, NeNe dished on other parts of the last episode in her Bravo blog.

It has been so confusing to keep up with NeNe’s relationship with Marlo Hampton over the past few years. They have been best friends, bitter enemies, and everything in between. So it was both surprising and expected to see the two of them hitting it off these days.

NeNe wrote, “Marlo and I have totally wiped the slate clean. I really do love Marlo like a sister — always have, always will.” Will the peace between NeNe and Marlo last this time around?

From what we saw on the last episode, NeNe was also getting along with Kim. Anyone who keeps up with the Housewives drama in between seasons is well-aware that these two are at odds these days.

Kim’s main conflict was with Kenya, but she did some make some remarks to irritate NeNe as well. Kim shared, “I went out of my way to be nice and accommodate Kim. I wanted nothing more than for us to elevate our friendship, but for some reason, I wasn’t receiving the same energy.”

NeNe continued, “She turned her nose up at my house! Never gave me one compliment. She talked about how hot it was the whole time, how she wouldn’t drink out of my glasses, and just generally complaining about everything!” The Housewives really love talking shit about each other’s homes and glassware, as if if there aren’t any exciting topics to beef about.

Now that NeNe and Kenya are cool, it makes sense that NeNe was on her side during the screaming match with Kim. NeNe recalled, “Then she started talking about Kenya and her husband, and everything went south from there. My mouth was hanging open in shock. Let’s be very clear: the way Kim carried on in my home, I could have NEVER done such a thing in her home, or else I would be called the lowest scum on Earth!” To say that things got out of hand would be a total understatement.

NeNe admitted, “I wasn’t surprised at all by Kim and Kenya’s argument, because Kim definitely came in the door looking for some s— to start!” Of course she did – people were eating up her argument with Kenya during the last season finale. Continuing her feud is the perfect way to mark her return to the show.

NeNe also remarked, “I was so excited seeing all the OGs at the White Party! I wish we could all get together more often and have fun.” ALL of the OGs? Was Deshawn Snow there and I just missed it?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]