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The Real Housewives taglines are a huge deal. Anything short of iconic just isn’t good enough. With so many cities, Housewives, and seasons, it is tough to be original these days. Even so, the pressure increases each season.

Season 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres tonight, but the taglines have already been released. Some of the ladies really hit the mark and others not so much…

People shared  the RHOBH Season 8 taglinesKyle Richards has been a part of this show since Season 1 and this point we already know what to expect from her: something about  real Kyle is even though she’s super rich with a mention of friends and family thrown in. This year her tagline is “In this town, fame and money come and go, but friends should not.”

That sounds an awful lot like some of her previous taglines : “In a town full of phonies, I’m not afraid to be me”  “I’m from this town. I know what’s real and I know what’s fake,” “In Beverly Hills you can be anything, but it’s most important to be yourself,” and  “I’m an expert on luxury, and I can always spot a fake.” I didn’t list out every tagline she’s ever had, but I’m sure you get the point since nothing has changed: Kyle is rich and Kyle is real. She will always try to radiate those “I’m still Jenny from the block” vibes, but that block is somewhere in Beverly Hills instead of a neighborhood in the Bronx.

OG cast member Lisa Vanderpump made it clear that she thinks she is the queen of this show with “The queen of diamonds always has an ace up her sleeve.” Last year her tagline was, “The crown is heavy, darlings. So just leave it where it belongs.” Once gain, nothing has really changed.

As expected, Lisa Rinna played up her infamous “own it” catchphrase:  “I don’t have to buy it, ‘cause I already own it.” As polarizing as Rinna is, you have to admit that is a very good tagline: it’s relevant, succinct, and clever.

Dorit Kemsley’s tagline is “I believe in an excess of everything… except moderation.” That makes sense and it does apply to Dorit, it’s just not telling us much about her story lines this season. Pretty much everyone on this show spends lavishly, so any of the women could have used this one.

After a whole season of Dorit and Vanderpump telling Erika Girardi that she’s “cold” and describing her as an “ice queen,” Erika used their insults to her advantage with “Some people call me cold, but that’s not ice. It’s diamonds.” Now we just need to know if that’s Erika Girardi talking or her pop star alter ego Erika Jayne. Either way, I’m sure they both have enough jewelry to validate that statement.

And then there’s the new girl Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave with “Having the best isn’t important to me, but being my best is.” That’s a great quote and I’m sure a lot of Pinterest users have saved some version of it on a “motivational quotes” board, but it’s not giving us a real sense of who this woman is or what she will bring to the show. She had some music metaphors to work with as John Mellencamp’s daughter, but the tagline she ended up with was pretty generic. The fandom needs more than that.

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Tonight is the premiere of Season 8, so be sure to join us in the comments at 9/8 C!

Bravo’s summary peek of tonight: “In the eighth season opener, Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump charter a private jet to take the ladies to Las Vegas for a group birthday celebration, but the question of whether Lisa Rinna will join lingers. Dorit’s new friend Teddi hits it off with Lisa Vanderpump over drinks and they invite her along for the ride. Lisa Vanderpump assesses her friendship with Erika and begins to see their relationship in a different light. The ladies let loose in Sin City, with familiar faces Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammar joining the festivities.”


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