Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Girardi, & Camille Grammer Discuss The First Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season Without Kim Richards

Even though Kim Richards wasn’t a “Housewife” for the last two seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, all roads led to Kim. She was the constant topic of conversation whether she was a full-time cast member or not. Season 8 marks the first time that Kim will be making zero appearances on RHOBH.

She went out on top though: Kim reached a peak level of pettiness when she handed Lisa Rinna that cellophane-wrapped bunny rabbit stuffed animal during the Season 7 reunion. Sure, it wasn’t a positive moment, but it will never be forgotten. Now I just want to know what the ladies will talk about in her absence.

In a red carpet interview with E! News some RHOBH cast members discussed the first year without Kim’s presence. Her sister Kyle Richards admitted, “You know, it’s a little strange not to do the show with my sister, but I respect that she needed to step away.”

Kyle explained, “She is enjoying her grandson. I think it’s best for her actually this time. It’s fine. It was hard because we started the show together and even though we would fight sometimes, we also had fun and laughed together. It was very weird in the beginning, but then I see her with her grandson and I’m like ‘Oh. OK, I get it.’ She spends a lot of time with him.” Kim is probably a lot happier these days hanging with her grandson, taking care of her horses, and avoiding Lisa Rinna.

Kim’s fellow OG cast member Camille Grammer said, “It’s sad. I miss Kim. I miss Kim not being around because she’s been around since day one. I like Kim and I only wish her the best. I did miss her this year.”

Lisa Vanderpump echoed the sentiments of many RHOBH viewers when she said, “In an ideal world, I would have loved for the original cast to stay together.” Same, Lisa. SAME. SAME. SAME.

She continued, “People change and things change in people’s lives. Maybe that’s not the ideal situation, but there is some kind of poignancy really about missing them and it’s nice to have Camille back. Maybe it wasn’t right for Kim to even make guest appearances. Maybe she just didn’t feel that it’s what she wanted to do.”

Clearly this was Kim’s decision and not anyone else’s. Kim’s presence guarantees a story line, so there’s no way she wasn’t welcomed back. It’s definitely in her best interest to step away from the drama and the Rinna-spread rumors.

Erika Girardi, who became a full-time cast member during the first season that Kim started making guest appearance, shared, “I root for Kim and I’m happy that she’s doing well. Kim was one of the original Housewives and I’m sure she will be missed.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]