Tom 1 is upset about his sex life

Tom Sandoval Says Faith Stowers Asked Others To Walk In On Hook Up With Jax Taylor So She Could Get On Vanderpump Rules; Says “It Actually Gets A Whole Lot Worse Before It Gets Better” For Jax

The first three episodes of this Vanderpump Rules season has centered around Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers. Everyone was shocked by it.

Sure, Jax has quite the reputation, but pretty much no one saw this coming. And now Faith is milking it for all it’s worth. From conveniently announcing the hook up and her allegedly missed period in the best lighting possible during the first episode to doing interviews about her “feelings” for Jax, it’s clear that the thirst is real. Jax’s boy Tom Sandoval opened up about the Jax cheating and Faith’s extreme thirst to be on the show.

Tom spoke all about the cheating scandal during an interview during the Pump Rules Podcast. He recalled, “I was like ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ I hadn’t heard a word about it.” He also revealed something pretty salacious: “The only thing I heard was I think like months and months ago, at one point, I think like him, Brittany, and Faith were maybe going to have a threesome. What I think happened was it just kind of planted that seed in Jax.” The attempt at a threesome actually something that Faith mentioned herself in an interview.

One reason that the hookup was pretty surprising to Sandoval is what, “Faith always seemed more like a friend of a friend to Jax than a friend.” He continued, “She was cool, but she just always seemed a little fake- a little ass kissy.” He also theorized, “I feel like she baited Jax in that situation. You’ll find out more about that later.” Yikes. I cannot wait for that though.

Tom shared, “Faith got fired from SUR. Then she was kind of just in and out. I’ve heard rumors about Faith. I don’t know if they’re true. I heard cops are after her. Allegedly the military is after her for being AWOL. Also, there were these videos that came out online about somebody who robbed and they have security footage of this girl who looks just like Faith.” Those are some heavy-hitting accusations there.

Sandoval continued to paint a picture of who Faith is as a person: “She was like couch surfing, but a burning bridge couch surfer. Right before we started filming again, she’s staying on Jesse’s [Montana] couch in his living room, leaving her underwear everywhere, leaving her stuff everywhere, her kleenex, all this stuff and not paying him any money. Even when she asked Jesse if she could crash at his place it was via text message while they were sitting at the same table because she was on the verge of being kicked out of a person who was sitting right next them’s place. So she couldn’t ask Jesse in front of that person because that person.”

It gets worse though. Tom claims, “She asked Jesse and James [Kennedy], ‘Do you think I could have Jax over and maybe you guys can walk in on us?'” Talk about desperate.

Clearly Faith is willing to do whatever it takes to get some camera time and make a good show, but Sandoval explained why production (probably) never asked her to be an actual member of the cast: “If they think somebody seems a little too eager or a little too whatever…I think probably one of the reasons that you don’t see- and probably won’t see- any of Faith- is because she’s eager as fuck.”  Tom added, “She went around telling everybody, asking people to stage some bull shit.” Of course, she did.
As thirsty as Faith appears, she’s not the only villain in this scenario. Jax was the one in a relationship. Tom revealed, “It actually gets a whole lot worse before it gets better.”


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