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When Vanderpump Rules first started it was essentially the “Stassi Schroeder & Jax Taylor Show.” That first season was nothing short of iconic. Now, the show is more of an ensemble, so it’s easy to forget that Stassi and Jax used to date when there are 993,343 other cast members and they almost never have any scenes together. At the same time, their old relationship put the show on the map, so it will always be ingrained in my mind. It just feels like it happened a whole lifetime ago.

Now Stassi is good friends with Jax’s current girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, which sounds so weird, but everyone loves Brittany, so that isn’t at all surprising. So it will be very interesting to get Stassi’s take on Jax’s decision to cheat on Brittany with Vanderpump Rulers hanger-on Faith Stowers. She is Jax’s ex, Brittany’s friend, and now after all this time, she’s actually Jax’s friend as well. Yes, you read that correctly: Jax and Stassi are getting along.

Stassi appeared on an episode of Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. She was asked if she heard about Jax cheating on Brittany with Faith before it was exposed during filming. Stassi admitted, “No. I had heard rumors that he cheated. I always hear them, like all the time. Never in a million years did I think that he would with Faith because I thought that he learned his lesson after he did that with Kristen [Doute]. It’s like don’t dip back in the friend pool. Faith used to go to their apartment and hang out with them all the time up until this happened.” Meanwhile, Faith is going out of her way to claim that she and Brittany were never friends.

Stassi didn’t hold back when she discussed the Jax and Faith hookup. She said, “It was disgusting. The fact that an old lady was sleeping- I have chills when I think about it. It’s so repulsive and disgusting. I had no idea about the pregnancy scare until I watched it. No one told me about that. I don’t think a lot of people knew. I think Brittany kept that to herself, but I don’t think that Brittany knew.”

No one even knows if Faith actually missed her period either. At this point, it’s (highly) plausible that she just said that to get even more screen time after spending years in the background. When Stassi heard the rumor, she had no issue believing it. Stassi admitted, “There was no doubt in my mind. Where there’s smoke, there’s f-cking fire for the most part and it’s Jax.” Sad, but true.

Faith wanted to get that camera time – there’s no doubt about that. Even so, Stassi pointed out something weird about that Season 6 premiere episode: “She said it and then ran away. That’s the most guilty-looking thing in the entire world.” Yep. Guilty as charged.

The interview wasn’t all negative though. Stassi even paid Jax some compliments, until she turned it into shade against Faith: “When you meet him, he’s a very charming, likable man and a good-looking man. Add all of those things together. He’s the life of the party. He’s the center of attention.  You want to be around his energy, so I get where the appeal is, but Faith, you’ve seen everything. You watch the show. You’re a thirsty ass ho. She wanted this. She wanted this.”

After a long “Ummmmm.” Stassi admitted that she and Jax are actually friends now. She explained, “I’m not gonna like go hang out with him. I wouldn’t choose to sit next to him at a dinner, but yes, we’re friends. I like the fact that we’ve gotten past everything that we’ve gone through. I know what to expect from him. I know he’s a piece of shit so I can take him for what he is and he lets me make fun of him twenty four-seven. So it’s actually really fun. I feel like I’m constantly getting back at him.” Let’s get more of this on the show! I really do miss seeing Jax and Stassi in the same scenes.

At this point, the Jax cheating scandal is the most major plot point of the season, but there are also a lot of viewers who have taken issues with Scheana Marie’s comments comparing her new relationship with Rob Valletta to her marriage with Mike Shay. Stassi spoke for us all when she said, “Obviously you weren’t thinking of him when you were over the moon happy walking down the f-cking aisle. Are you kidding me? I watched you so happy and in love for a long time.”

Stassi continued, “You’re a moron. She wants this fairy tale thing. Somebody who has this mentality of an overly romantic ideal in their head is going to think back on every relationship. If she and Rob don’t work out and she starts dating somebody else, she’s going to say that about Rob because the new one will trump the old one. Everyone knows that the new boyfriend trumps the old one, so you think ‘I’ve never felt like this before.’ Yes, you have: right at the beginning of the old ones. All of them. You felt the same.”

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