Ariana spills the beans on Jax's cheating

Ariana Madix Discusses “Ripple Effect” Jax Taylor’s Cheating Had On Her Relationship With Tom Sandoval

This Jax Taylor cheating scandal has been the center of the action for the first three episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 6. That is not surprising though. This show may have a huge ensemble cast, but the story lines always have and always will come back to Jax.

Jax’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright isn’t the only person who is upset that he cheated on her with Faith Stowers – a person that she used to consider a friend. The incident had a ripple effect within in the cast, or at least it did for Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s relationship. Yes, the couple that has never fought about anything on camera is actually going through some relationship struggles this season – beyond that much-talked-about dry spell.

Ariana opened up about the cheating scandal in an interview for the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi podcast.

Was she surprised that Jax cheated on Brittany? Ariana said what we were all thinking when we first heard about the scandal: “Yes and no because when you think of Jax’s track record, no it’s not. I think a lot of us really tried to give Jax the benefit of the doubt and I really tried to think that he was turning a corner with Brittany and things were different. So it was shocking in that way.”

Once again, I can’t help saying “Poor Brittany.”

Ariana continued, “I was really disappointed in the whole situation because I thought Faith was so true and genuine.” She was way off on that one, although I’m sure Brittany was feeling the same way. Ariana said, “It takes two to tango here. Faith knew there was a relationship, but Jax is the one in a relationship.” Yep.

She later admitted, “I drank a lot more this summer than usual.” She explained, “When things happen with friends and you’re that close, there’s a little bit of a ripple effect, especially when you disagree. We are now arguing about something that you did.”

Sandoval and Jax have been boys for a while (minus that time when Jax got with his girlfriend while he was asleep in the other room) and every girl (and person) on the show loves Brittany. It’s not outrageous to assume that Ariana was fully supporting Brittany and Tom did what he could to have Jax’s back.

Ariana continued, “I think that ripple effect was a big part of what was going on with us. I know you heard him saying stuff about a dry spell. There’s multiple factors, but then again, I dealt with a lot of shit this summer. I feel like a lot of my things kind of came to a head in this perfect storm of shitty emotions. I literally went through it.” She confessed, “I was not feeling sexy at all. Then I realized if this was affecting my relationship, I need to get a hold of this.”

Ariana didn’t reveal what else she was dealing with over the summer, but it just might be a part of her story line, so we will have to wait and see what happened as the episodes air.

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