Cynthia Bailey Says She & Kim Zolciak are Not Friends & Kim’s Comments Were “Disrespectful”

Do the women who are “Friends of the Housewives” have to meet an insult quota in order to earn their paychecks? It sure seems that way whenever Kim Zolciak appears on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

During the last episode alone, Kim came for Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, and even the “medium” Mbele. Most of that isn’t really surprising since this is Kim we’re talking about, but it felt like a very random dig when she told Cynthia to shut up and look pretty. Even weirder than that comment, Cynthia actually hugged her after that.

Cynthia opened up about that “Elephant Room” event in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “I thought Mbele was interesting, and I was open to what she had to say. I didn’t really have many elephants to address that night, so in the spirit of fun, I was looking forward to my reading but wasn’t looking forward to getting READ, LOL! At least not by her!” Out of all the Housewives medium experiences, this was definitely an off-putting one. Mbele comes in a close second to Allison Dubois and her electronic cigarette at that dinner party with the Beverly Hills Housewives back in the day.

Cynthia continued, “Ms. Mbele can read with the best of them and fit right in with the shady bunch! Anyway, I am a very spiritual person. I love to get readings and I consider myself to be an energy person. However, I felt like her energy was a bit off putting. Very direct but kind of mean spirited. I received her reading regarding Will [Jones] but took it with a grain of salt. I love getting to know Will, and I truly believe he is a good guy. If he is not the guy for me, I will know when my heart and God let me know, not her.”

Mbele wasn’t the rudest woman at that party. That honor goes to Kim Z. Cynthia declared, “Kim is rude and disrespectful. Nothing out of her mouth surprises me. We don’t really know each other, and are not friends. I always try to be cordial and kind to her when I see her with the girls. To my knowledge, we don’t have an issue with each other and never hangout with her outside of them. Therefore, there are no emotional ties to her. I could care less about her insults and disrespectful comments. I am very happy and in a great place in my life. I refuse to allow her barbarity to upset me or take me out of character.” And that’s exactly what Kim wanted. Again, I can’t help wondering if Kim gets paid per insult and now I want to know if she receives a bonus payment for getting a rise out of the actual cast members.

Cynthia stated the obvious: “Nothing was resolved at the Elephant Room.” And then she joked, “However, I was totally bummed that Kim didn’t allow Mbele to give her a spiritual bath with the bushes she mentioned. That alone would have been worth the wig, outfit, makeup, and lashes that I wasted. As happy as I was to leave, I would have stayed the night to see that, LOL!” Same, Cynthia.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]