Kenya & Porsha

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta the ladies try to show their itty-bitty little good sides by doing some charity. I mean usually they show their badonkadonk in thongs side, so I dunno this could be a nice change?

Except, of course, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey end up battling over competing charity events scheduled simultaneously. Because good must be equal to evil! 

But Porhsa, now a grown-up adult-er after all her anger management therapy, decides to offer a compromise: if Cynthia and Kenya Moore will come to Houston to help with her Hurricane Harvey relief, she’ll attend Cynthia’s event. Unfortunately Krayonce cannot be contained by a wedding ring and well-behaved Kenya could only exist for so long as she butts heads with Shamea Morton! Hell hath no fury like a lady in a hazmat suit…

Meanwhile, Sheree Whitfield still doesn’t understand NeNe Leakes issues with her. Probably because NeNe doesn’t understand them herself! What Sheree is really upset over, however, is NeNe dogging on the love of her locked up life, Tyrone. Unfortunately Sheree makes the mistake of telling Tyrone that NeNe has a problem with him, and the man has a lot of time on his hands in prison…

Kandi Burruss is still trying to help Riley repair her relationship with the deadbeat Block. And yet another attempt is blocked!

Finally Kenya overreacts to some ‘constructive criticism’ and loses her composure. Girl… you know Porsha has her therapist on speed dial just waiting to get a 51-50 hold on you!

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