Camille Grammer Thinks Dorit Kemsley Is “A Wannabe Erika Jayne” & The Medium From Season 1 Predicted The End Of Her Marriage With Kelsey Grammer

I had a love/hate relationship with the version of Camille Grammer we met during season one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she was always entertaining. Her feud with Kyle Richards and breakup with Kelsey Grammer made for a very compelling first season of the show.

Ever since the first season, Camille has been a total class act, but I was really hoping that season one Camille would be unleashed when Dorit Kemsley got wasted and called her a “stupid c-nt” in front Camille’s new man David C. Meyer. Camille shared her true feelings on Dorit, her theory about why Kelsey encouraged her to sign on for the show, and why she thinks the medium from season one predicted the end of her first marriage.

During an episode of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Camille revealed that she got in touch with her fiance David’s ex wife.

She admitted, “I haven’t met her, but I spoke to her on the phone. I reached out to her and spoke to her for about an hour. I said listen, ‘If we need to co-parent and this is the best way to do it.’ And she was very cool. We had a great conversation.” That sounds like a harmonious situation, but she also admitted, “I don’t know if David was too thrilled about that, but you know.”

As interesting as Camille’s current relationship is, there will always be a public fascination with the end of her marriage to Kelsey. She was the definite villain of Season 1, but almost everyone had sympathy for her when she was completely blindsided by her ex’s infidelity.

Weirdly enough, Kelsey is the one who pushed his wife to be a part of the show even though he just signed on to appear in a New York play. Why would he encourage his wife to be a Beverly Hills Housewife if he’s about to start a major project on the opposite coast?

Camille shared, “I do believe that he wanted to keep me preoccupied because we both had spent time in New York. We picked out this apartment to stay in. We found a school for our children. We got the kids in.” She added, “We were supposed to move in April. We had this big plan and when the show came up, he kept encouraging me to do the show.”

Heather McDonald asked if she felt tricked by her husband’s encouragement. Camille admitted, “I did.”

Aside from getting Camille to sign on for the show, we also have Kelsey to thank for one of the show’s most infamous moments: medium Allison Dubois getting wasted, smoking an electronic cigarette, and telling Kyle that she will “never emotionally fulfill” her husband Mauricio Umansky. Camille shared, “Kelsey said, ‘Wouldn’t it be a great idea to bring Allison on because it can promote the show.'”

Camille reflected on Allison’s prediction. Even though Allison said, “he would never be emotionally fulfilled by Kyle,” Camille theorized, “But actually that is what Kelsey felt from me, right? So that’s what was kind of ironic.” Camille added, “If she was doing a reading, that’s exactly what Kelsey was doing because Mauricio is an amazing husband to Kyle and they have a great marriage. Maybe she was misreading it.”

Jumping back to the current season, Camille discussed Dorit’s drunken rudeness at Kyle’s dinner party. She had no explanation for Dorit calling her a “stupid c-nt” and laughing about it. She admitted, “I have no idea. I don’t know what lead to that. We had very minimal interaction last year. I met her a few times. I think we went out once with Kyle. We had a blast. I always got along with her, so I have no idea what happened that led her to behave that way.”

Camille majorly shaded Dorit when she said, “Isn’t she a wannabe Erika [Jayne]?” She also said, “I touched her hair once and I didn’t know it was a wig and it was a wig. I wanted to fix it and I was like ‘oops.'”

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