Sheree Whitfield Thinks NeNe Leakes Changed The Most Since Season 1 & She’s “Not As Funny” & “Genuine

Even though NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield were getting along well, that is not the case these days. Now the OG Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members are throwing shade at each other whenever they have the chance thanks to Sheree’s mug shot comments which lead to NeNe’s mug shot comments. And I’m sure that Sheree’s close ties with NeNe’s nemesis Kim Zolciak is causing nothing but trouble.

NeNe and Kim have been at war on social media and in interviews after Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann filmed and posted a video of roaches in NeNe’s bathroom- which got way out of hand with the insults and accusations of racism.

Sheree discussed the Kim vs. NeNe beef and her own issues with NeNe in an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. Sheree reflected on a simpler time in Real Housewives of Atlanta history. She said, “The older cast, our beefs or our gripes, were petty. We have some petty beefs today, still, but I think a lot of the times people are hitting below the belt and I didn’t think we hit below the belt before. Just dealing with that and having to see these people all the time, it can be a little much when you’re forced to deal with these issues. But before we didn’t have these serious issues like some of the stuff that these girls talk about.” That is not the case now thanks to roachgate or however we will end up referring to this story line.

When asked who has changed the most since Season 1, Sheree didn’t hesitate with her answer: “I would definitely say NeNe.” She continued, “I feel like she’s not the same person that she was Season 1. Have you watched Season 1? She was funny. She was loud. She’s still loud. She’s not as funny. I think it was more genuine. Now it’s more of a forced trying to make you laugh. She definitely looks the most different.” That last part can be said about most Housewives from Season 1 to now- not Sheree, but most of the others.

Then Sheree was asked to take a side in that instantly infamous roach controversy with Kim and Brielle vs. NeNe. Sheree admitted, “This is a tricky one. First of all, the video comes out, later on in the season. Do I feel like Brielle should have gone to NeNe’s house and recorded it in the bathroom? No, I do not.” She added, “I think where NeNe crossed the line was when she started calling Kim racist, associating her with the KKK, and things like that, which is very damaging. They were both in the wrong and I don’t know how they will recover from this.”

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