NeNe Leakes Shades Sheree Whitfield’s Relationship; Takes Credit For Starting Real Housewives Of Atlanta

There’s no need for sunglasses on Real Housewives of Atlanta. There is plenty of shade. At best, the self-appointed queen NeNe Leakes has nothing but backhanded compliments for Sheree Whitfield and her relationship with her imprisoned boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams.

Aside from shading Sheree’s long distance love, NeNe also took ownership over Real Housewives of Atlanta’s origins and shared where she stands with Kenya Moore these days.

During an interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan, it sounded like NeNe supported Sheree’s relationship – at first. NeNe said, “You know what, I think him and Sheree are still going strong. I’m so happy for her dating a prisoner. I think that’s what I should be saying because soon as I say something about it, it’s like ‘You’re talking about my boyfriend.’ No, I think he’s the perfect man for her.”

Ryan Seacrest asked NeNe, “Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve for being an original on this series?” In true NeNe fashion, she used that question to toot her own horn. She said, “It’s hard to get the respect you deserve. They all come up with these sayings like ‘I’m the new queen. I’m the this. I’m the that.’ They don’t try to give me the respect, but it is what it is. I started the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I reached out to Sheree, Kim, DeShawn Snow for Season 1 and I’ve been there. So I am the original queen bee, honey. Give me my respect.”

NeNe was asked about how her husband Gregg Leakes‘ feelings when she returned to Real Housewives of Atlanta as a full-time cast member. NeNe shared, “Gregg is OK with it. The thing is, Gregg is like my rock so I talk to him a lot about what’s happening on the show. I think Gregg’s biggest concern was ‘are you going to be able to handle it this time around?’ because it can get very difficult. It’s hard working with women who are pulling you apart and trying to snatch your wig off all the time.”

Kelly Ripa tried to get NeNe to call out the “most difficult person” who was trying to snatch that wig off the most. The most obvious answer would be Kim, but she’s not a full-time cast member and I doubt NeNe would ever want to give Kim credit as a genuine adversary. Kelly pushed, “Who’s the one person who’s trying to establish herself against you?”

NeNe’s answer was actually pretty surprising: “That would probably be Kenya. Kenya, she’s an alpha female as well, so she’s a tough cookie.” That was a misleading answer at first until NeNe added, “But we’re in a great place though. I’m very happy for Kenya. You know she’s married.” Oh, we know. We all know.

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