Kristen DOute makes a scandalous accusation against James

It feels like a lifetime ago since Kristen Doute couldn’t stand being in the same room as Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. Now everything seems to be copacetic between Kristen, her ex, and his current girlfriend, so much so that she actually wants to get into business with Tom.

Well, not just Tom. Kristen thinks that she has a lot to offer to the Tom Tom restaurant that Lisa Vanderpump is trying to open with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. That seems like a total stretch considering that Lisa is far from Kristen’s biggest fan, but maybe things change during the rest of the season?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kristen talked about website Vegiholic, which is described as a “vegetarian lifestyle blog,” and how that might just be a way to “bring her and Lisa back together in a way.” Well, Kristen isn’t the one who said that, but that’s how Entertainment Tonight phrased it which was hilarious since Kristen was fired from Lisa’s restaurant after telling a manager to “suck a dick.”

Kristen shared, “I think my favorite thing to film this past summer is when they decided to kinda look into my blog.”

If that doesn’t sound riveting to you, Kristen explained that there is some drama involved with these vegetarian dishes. Kristen said, “I have, like, a little dinner party, like, a four-course dinner and tasting menu. Tom and Ariana actually come to my house, which is so crazy, so bizarre. At that point, Ariana still had me blocked. Like, my phone number was blocked. I was blocked on social media, but she still came to my house.”

This would be more shocking if we didn’t see Kristen and Ariana tweeting each other back and forth these days. The peace had to start somewhere. Maybe it was at this dinner.

Kristen teased, “She and I have a little conversation then.” She also said, “[I got] to really convince that group of people, like, not my best friends. Jax [Taylor], Tom Sandoval, Ariana that what I do isn’t a joke and I maybe can help out at Tom Tom a little bit.”

That sounds like wishful thinking, but amazing TV, so I support her efforts. Kristen theorized, “I think I have to convince Lisa first.” She added, “And then convince Tom Sandoval, because Tom Schwartz is a pushover.”

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