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Last year Shamea Morton spent most of her appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta defending herself against false hookup/relationship accusations. With that said, it’s pretty hypocritical for her to ask Eva Marcille, who she just met, about some supposed rumors that she dated Missy Elliot.

In all honesty, it just felt like a quest for increased screen time and Eva has no issue putting Shamea (and her dehydration) in check.

In a Bravo blog post, Eva wrote, “the thirst was looping in a hip-hop icon for your own personal aggrandizement just to make this “rumor” more salacious? That was unnecessary and reckless. #petty #classless.” Everyone just breezed past Shamea’s thirsty hypocrisy thanks to the unexpected (yet explosive) doormat-induced argument between Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams.

Eva sympathized with Porsha, writing, “You never know someone’s sensitive spot. I can’t say that I was surprised, particularly given the context. The doormat comments were a bit rude. In what world does someone’s doormat mean so much to the next person? Beyond that, I think that Porsha was definitely being provoked. You can’t continue to poke a bear and then get mad at the reaction.” Once again, we have an Atlanta side player yearning for screen time and angling for a peach next season.

Eva continued, “As a human and a woman, I feel for Porsha…not because she’s perfect or without fault, but because no matter what she says or does, her past seems to consistently get thrown in her face. I know for sure that I’m not without a past, and I would hate to have to defend it every single time that I hang out with my friends.” That’s valid, but Porsha’s “past” was just last year and it consisted of her accusing Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker of attempting to drug and rape her. That’s tough for anyone typical person to get past.

Even if Porsha was sensitive about the doormat comments, the confrontation got a lot more explosive than anyone expected. Eva admitted, “When Porsha and Marlo got into it, I was blown away. I could not believe that all of this was happening and that it was all over a doormat. It was way too eventful for a cute little dinner.”

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