Luann de Lesseps Denies Wearing Black Face For Diana Ross Costume; Thinks Carole Radziwill Should Have Reached Out About Her Divorce

As much as I adore every woman in the Real Housewives of New York cast, there’s no way that anyone other than Luann de Lesseps could have joined Andy Cohen in the Bravo clubhouse for the first Watch What Happens Live episode following the Season 10 premiere.

Her Season 10 tagline really says it all: “The most interesting people make the best headlines.” And if we are judging based on those parameters, Luann is the most interesting cast member going into this season. We will see a post-divorce Luann dealing with the Tom D’Agostino breakup, the aftermath of her arrest, life after rehab, her rise from the ashes to cabaret stardom. This show has a great cast, but just focusing on Luann alone, it’s clear she’s givingthe fandom A LOT this season.

Unfortunately, Season 10 didn’t start out on the best note for the (former) Countess. A lot of people took issue with Luann’s Diana Ross Halloween costume and accused her of doing black face. Luann admitted, “I’m horrified meaning I never meant to hurt anybody’s feelings. I love Diana Ross. I totally respect Diana Ross, you know? It was really kind of a tribute to her, you know? It was Halloween.”

Andy pointed out, “The issue was altering the color of your skin.” Lu insisted, “I didn’t. I put bronzer on that I wear normally.” She maintained that she was “tan like right now.” She added, “So I didn’t add anything to or ever dream of doing a black face ever. So I’m very sorry to everyone out there if I offended anyone.” Luann shared, “It was Halloween. I respect Diana Ross and I think she’s fabulous. It was really my little tribute to her.”

Then Andy asked Luann to give some updates on her life. She revealed, “I found an apartment in the city, which I love. I got a penthouse all by myself.” The former Mrs. D’Agostino shared, “I am not dating”- something I support for now. Single Lu is everything. Then again, engaged Lu and married Lu also thoroughly entertained me, so ultimately I’m OK with whatever she decides. Not that I actually know her, but she is a close friend in my mind and I fully support her antics…for the most part.

Andy told Luann, “The audience feels like you owe the women an apology.” She disagreed and said, “That’s interesting. I feel like I suffered enough.” She definitely did suffer. She was cheated on, humiliated, and lied to, but she also ignored her friends’ warnings and accused them of being jealous in response. I’m always down to support Lu, but a little “I’m sorry” goes a long way.

Andy asked a big question: “Would you ever get married again?” Luann gave me some hope when she said, “I mean, never say never.”

A caller asked Luann to name her rock bottom of the season (which is fairly obvious) and her biggest triumph. Initially, Luann ignored the “rock bottom” part of the question and shared, “My biggest triumph was getting on stage after all that happened to me and watching my children in the audience and my mother looking at me like ‘what?'” As far as rock bottom goes, Luann confessed, “Landing in jail. That was awful.”

Andy had to know, “When you look at that mugshot compared to Tinsley [Mortimer], what do you think?” Luann didn’t really know how to answer that and after a momentary pause, she just went with, “I think mine is maybe, a little…. sharper.”

A fan called in and asked, “If you ever decide to get married again and your girlfriends try to tell you negativity about your husband, would you listen to them this time?” Get ready for this one. Luann actually said, “Absolutely.” Ladies and gentlemen- progress has been made.

Another viewer submitted this question: “Why do you feel Carole [Radziwill] should have reached out to you? You guys weren’t that close.” They really weren’t. Plus, Luann didn’t reach out to Carole about her own breakup with Adam Kenworthy. Luann attempted to explain explained, “Well, I think if, you know, a friend of yours goes through a very public divorce, like I did, and then very public embarrassment like I did, I think that’s a reason to reach out and say ‘I’m sorry for what happened to you.'” In all honesty, they both should have reached out, they both should apologize, and they should both take this as a lesson for the future.

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