Dorit Kemsley Thought She Was Much Better Friends With Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Until She Watched Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Almost every Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewer would name Dorit Kemsley as the villain of this season. That makes a lot of sense, but if you give it another thought Dorit might be the villain and the hero of Season 8. As ridiculous as that sounds, just hear me out.

The first couple seasons of this show focused on real issues: alcoholism, infidelity, divorce, family dynamics. This season was essentially a lifestyle show with more time devoted to watching the women pick outfits and get their makeup done than anything close to an actual story line. Yes, we have Dorit to blame for arguments about glassware and holding up the group with her constant tardiness, but if she didn’t give us that, what else would we have? A show about glam squads, riding horses, and self-promotion. Dorit didn’t deliver top notch drama, but she’s the only one that really gave us something to talk about- even if it was something to complain about.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dorit admitted,“I think that in this world, you know, there’s always a villain and maybe it was just my time.” Even though Dorit is aware of her “villain” status, she still couldn’t help defending herself during the interview. She added, “I think things get blown out of proportion, of course, and thank goodness we’re not talking about anything that’s really dire. You know, a glass, a miscommunication on time.”

If it wasn’t for Dorit, we wouldn’t be blessed with (an almost) Season 1 version of Camille Grammer. If Dorit wasn’t pushing her buttons and calling her a “cunt” for no reason, there would be no Camille clap backs for the fans to enjoy. Dorit calling Camille a “cunt” was arguably the most scandalous moment of the season, but Dorit didn’t even think the remark would make it into an episode. Dorit said,  “It was so out of left field that one would have thought that it may not have even made it [on the show], because there was nothing behind it. But here’s to being a rookie, you realize of course it’s gonna make it.”

Dorit also gave Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave a more significant story line than what she would have had otherwise. If Teddi wasn’t upset with Dorit for being late to lunch or giving her shit about a champagne glass, we would have to watch (even more footage of ) her talking about horses and how she needs help doing her makeup. Going up against Dorit means that almost everyone would side with Teddi. If you think about it, Dorit could be the reason that Teddi would be asked back for a second season.

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Dorit Kemsley Thought She Was Much Better Friends With Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Until She Watched Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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