Dorit Kemsley Named Bathing Suits After Beverly Hills Housewives Costars, But Excluded 2 Of Them

Now that Dorit Kemsley has one season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills under her belt, she might as well capitalize on the show’s exposure by launching her own products during her second season. PK Kemsley’s management fees from Boy George can’t solely fund that glam squad.

Before Dorit became a Housewife she was a swimwear designer and now she’s back at it with a new line. We all saw that business meeting (before she was late for drinks with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave)  where she proclaimed that “red is having a moment” right now. Apparently it wasn’t that big of a moment since the line is lacking some bright, red swimwear at the moment. Nevertheless, she does have some pieces inspired by her time on the show.

Dorit’s swimwear line Beverly Beach by Dorit launched on March 1, so of course, I took the time to check it out. Whether I purchase or not, I will forever be intrigued by a Real Housewife’s business ventures. With that said, I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Dorit had a bathing suit named the “Lisa.” 

Sure, things seem to be tense between Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump at this point in the season. Lisa did tell Dorit that their relationship is based on the strength of her relationship with Dorit’s husband PK.  Nevertheless, Lisa Vanderpump is the one who brought her onto the show so it makes sense for Dorit to pay homage to her in some way. But I was wrong, that “Lisa” swim top is actually in honor of Lisa Rinna, since she actually has an LVP one-piece in her line. Wow, those two have come a long way from arguing inside a Las Vegas ferris wheel at the beginning of the season.

Dorit also has a suit named “Kyle,” which has to be inspired by Kyle Richards, but that isn’t surprising. Get ready for this one: she also has a suit named “Erika,” and based on the design it’s in honor of Erika Girardi’s pop star alter ego Erika Jayne. Thankfully this is a swimsuit line and not a lingerie line because naming some undies after Erika following last season’s pantygate nonsense would be too much.

That means she named one after every woman in the cast except for Teddi. Well, she excluded Camille Grammer as well, but Camille isn’t a full-time cast member, so that is a logical excuse. Then again, these two clearly don’t get along, so it make sense that Dorit wouldn’t want to name a bikini top after Camille. And it’s also safe to assume that Teddi and Dorit haven’t become close friends since their arguments about lateness and Teddi’s choice of glassware.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]