Tinsley Mortimer Accuses Sonja Morgan Of Being “Calculating”

Last season, Tinsley Mortimer joined Real Housewives of New York as a friend of Sonja Morgan’s. That changed almost immediately. There was tension between the then-roomies all season long.

During the last RHONY episode, Bethenny Frankel took up for Sonja and confronted Tinsley about their issues. Bethenny’s former bestie Carole Radziwill stood up for Tinsley and it all just snowballed from that point on.

Tinsley came at Bethenny and Sonja in a Bravo blog post in response to the last episode. She wondered, “Bethenny, don’t you have enough to do? Why are you championing Sonja when you have no idea of our situation or how we got that way?”

She continued, “One week you’re outing her for not donating to your charity, and the next week she’s your new bestie. You have absolutely no idea of the truth of the situation, so stop drinking Sonja’s Kool-Aid.”

Tinsley claimed, “She’s not sad that she is being left out by me. She’s choosing this pitiful role, and you’re falling for it. Another thing: If you are allowed to be Sonja’s mouthpiece and take up for her, why is it wrong for Carole to support me?” Fair point. Then Tinsley declared, “Seems like Sonja is pulling YOUR strings.” Sonja as the puppet master? That will be the day.

Tinsley continued to rant about Bethenny inserting herself into the situation with Sonja. She wrote, “For Sonja and you to suggest that I was destitute with no friends and nowhere to live is ridiculous. At the Megu dinner, you stomped me down over and over. It was going to be your version of the truth and not THE TRUTH. I wasn’t allowed to speak.”

Tinsley wrote, “And Sonja, as you know, you have NOT tried to be a good friend. I am upset because you lied about me last year. I’m upset this year because you continue to lie about me. How do you expect me to be your friend when you continue to talk shizzz about me?”

She explained, “Maybe I connect more with Dorinda [Medley] and Carole, because they don’t say ugly things behind my back. FRIENDS DON’T TRY TO HURT THEIR FRIENDS, SONJA.” You tell her, Tinsley.

Tinsley wrote, “Tell the truth. The real reason you got mad was that you wanted me forever dependent on you, and I actually broke away and made some good friends in the group by myself.”

Tinsley is still peeved by Sonja’s claims that she is a “kept woman.” She wrote, “Don’t you dare try to disseminate lies that Scott [Kluth] packed me up and moved me to the hotel HE got for me. You know very well that I had been looking for another place to stay and had found and paid for that hotel BEFORE I ever met him. He simply helped me move in because he happened to be in town and that is what a gentleman does.”

Tinsley told Sonja, “Stop playing the role of the fey, ditzy Chrissy from Three’s Company who is really nothing but a delightful zany minx. You’re not. You are calculating, and you know it. This will go on and on unless we just end it. I have said and demonstrated how appreciative I was for your offer to stay at your house. I will not say it again. I hope that the talk we had later at Karen Duffy’s book party puts an end to these never-ending stories you tell about me.” We all know that’s never going to happen. It may have died down for a little bit during filming, but there’s no doubt that Sonja will continue talking about Tinsley in interviews, blog posts, and on social media.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]