Ashley Darby Doubts Monique Samuels Really Got Sick From “Just Smoking A Cigar”

After two so-so seasons, Real Housewives of Potomac is (finally) bring it. More happens at one Potomac cast dinner than the whole last season with the Beverly Hills girls.

Ashley Darby is trying to navigate her problems with husband Michael Darby and her mother. She’s also calling out Monique Samuels for drinking and driving. Karen Huger revealed that her husband Ray Huger asked for a divorce. That all happened in just one episode. Beverly Hills could never.

During the last episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen played a clip of Karen admitting that Ray asked for a divorce. He told Ashley, “Were you surprised by that news? You looked stunned.”

Ashley didn’t pass up the chance to throw some shade. She told Andy, “I’m more surprised that Karen actually said it and was forthcoming about it. You know the Grand Dame never discloses any of that personal information.”

Then Andy showed some clips of Ashley’s tension with her husband and mother. He told Ashley, “Hard for you to watch.” Ashley admitted, “It was really rough.”

Andy asked, “How are you and your mom now?” Ashley shared, “Well, my mom and I when it comes to a personal relationship, we’ve always been very close. And nothing will ever jar that, but certainly changing the boundaries and instituting the boundaries in our relationship is hard. ‘Boundary’ and ‘mom’ don’t really go together. Those words are antonyms to me.”

The conversation turned to Monique’s post-lunch car accident. Andy asked Ashley, “Did you feel like you were stirring the pot?” Ashley answered, “I wasn’t stirring the pot, Andy. If Monique had never brought that situation to the forefront, I never would have talked about it. Honestly.”

She continued, “But if you did bring it up, why not be truthful? Why lie?”

Andy asked, “Were you concerned that she had so many martinis and she was getting in the car?” Ashley confessed, “Yes because I had too many beers and I had to sit in my car for thirty minutes.” Andy asked, “Really?” Ashley admitted, “Yes. I was like ‘Wow, I really shouldn’t have driven.'”

A caller pushed for Ashley to stir the pot when she asked, “Do you think Monique really just got sick from those cigars? Or do you think there’s more to the story there?” Ashley said, “Monique smokes cigars regularly, so it was a cause for pause that she got sick ‘all of a sudden’ when she smoked cigars weekly. So I was like ‘That’s odd.’ That’s strange.” Clearly, Ashley is not buying Monique’s explanation.

Another caller asked Ashley, “What is the status of your marriage? Do you think that blaming your mom’s dependence on you is masking some bigger issues?” After a long pause, Ashley answered, “Michael and I are still married. It’s not masking a bigger issue. A marriage is very complex. There are so many other factors that go into it. I’m not saying that my mom is the only issue we have to work through, but it is one of them. We can only tackle one issue at a time.” Fair enough.

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