Is The Hills Reboot Happening? (Most) Former Cast Members Are On Board

It feels like almost every successful movie or TV show these days is actually a reboot. As Tom Sandoval would say “people love nostalgia”- pronounced like “nuh-stahl-GEE-uh,” of course. The Jersey Shore reboot is killing it, so why not bring back another MTV classic?

Could The Hills be returning to the network for a reboot of its own? Some “inside sources” say that it is being considered, whatever that means. Most of the stars are down to do it (obviously), but there is one major hold out: Lauren Conrad. This should shock absolutely no one. She left the show before it even ended. She has a successful lifestyle brand. She’s happily making money and keeping her family out of the spotlight. She does not need this show- although it would be great to have her back narrating the action just like old times. She could even pull a Cameran Eubanks and just talk about everyone else’s drama while she hides her own personal life from the reality TV cameras.

An “insider” told Us Weekly, “A reunion would come sans Lauren Conrad. ” Another “inside source” said, “The rest of the crew is all still friends besides her.” Nevertheless, it was emphasized that, “Everyone else is down to do it.” Obviously.

Can we just get a reality show about Heidi Pratt, Spencer Pratt, and their baby? They were the only ones really bringing anything to the original show anyway. We don’t really need everyone else to come back.

Kristin Cavallari told Us Weekly, “It would really depend on what it was going to be. So, we’ll see.” No disrespect to Kristen, but she was barely on this show. She showed up when Lauren left and just stirred up some fake drama. Don’t get me wrong, I was loving every second of it, but Kristin really came through late in the game with this one. Plus, she already has her own show, but who knows how long that will last.

Audrina Patridge said, “I’m not opposed to it.” Of course, not. If I were her, I would agree to the reboot in a heartbeat. Whitney Port– who shared zero aspects of her personal life before inexplicably landing her own spin-off show- said, “I think there’s a slight possibility.” How vague.

Whitney added, “I mean, people are talking about it a little, but there’s nothing actually like concrete in the works. I think it would be hard to get everybody back together again just because we’re all in such different places, but it’d definitely be something fun.” I’m here for it. It doesn’t really make any sense, but I just want Spencer and Heidi back on TV again. Everyone else is more than welcome, but not essential in my eyes.

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