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Spencer Pratt’s Theory About Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney’s Something About Her

Vanderpump Rules might be in a bit of a situation. No doubt they had a memorable Season 10 because of lying and deceit, which garnered the struggling show another shot and an Emmy nod.

Now, after the rubble of Scandoval has mostly cleared, is anyone really looking forward to Season 11? Social media revealed from the beginning of filming that most of the biting words said at the reunion were null and void when cameras went back up.

The one thing fans were anticipating was the opening of Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney’s sandwich shop, Something About Her. They have a location, they’ve had tastings, and in the wake of Scandoval, they’ve had success with selling merch. But SAH has yet to open and some are wondering what the hold-up is.

It might be the never-ending saga of obtaining permits, but former reality star and current crystal-holder Spencer Pratt has his own thoughts.

Something about a money grab?

Vets of unscripted television will tell you Spencer was one of the first viable “villains” of reality TV. He made his name on The Hills and went on to marry co-star Heidi Montag, who will never be a Real Housewife, though she has not-so-subtly hinted she would like to join the ranks. That said, both Heidi and Spencer already have a connection to Pump Rules and oh my god, it would be hilarious to see Spencer put Tom Sandoval in his place.

One thing about Spencer is he’s no wallflower and he doesn’t hide his opinions. He must have been craving a sandwich and unable to fulfill his wish because he set his target on Something About Her.

Spence jumped on social media to offer this opinion. A viewer posted questioning the status of Ariana and Katie’s restaurant and Spencer had a reply. “What is happening with Something About Her?! #PumpRules,” someone wrote.

Without missing a beat, Spencer replied, “Was a front for a merch grab.” Now Spencer could very well be joking because he’s a jokey kind of guy but many people are wondering if he’s right.

Social media accounts dedicated to SAH state the shop will still open in 2023, but a lot has changed with the physical site. It went from a fairly done property, with outdoor seating, to something that looks decidedly in progress.

Most are assuming Covid protocol permits for outdoor seating have expired, which scrapped their plans for the outside. And anyone trying to get a permit for anything in California can tell you it’s a long and drawn-out process. That said, when the ladies were asked about it recently, they didn’t offer much of an answer.

The last Instagram post for SAH was about seven weeks ago when they were hiring staff.

Courtesy @somethingabouther Instagram

Despite being relatively active on TikTok over the summer, the store’s last update was August 8.

Courtesy @somethingaboutherweho TikTok

So what do you guys think, money grab or waiting for permits? It sounds like we won’t be getting the opening for Pump Rules Season 11 after all.