Carole Radziwill Says Bethenny Frankel Was Really Talking About Herself When She Insulted Her

Anyone who is watching the current season of Real Housewives of New York is witnessing a historic battle. This Carole Radziwill vs. Bethenny Frankel feud is delivering some major drama.

Bethenny finally found a worthy adversary and Carole is not backing down. Carole answered every Bethenny-related question that came her way during last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen asked Carole, “In the Berkshires, how did you feel when Bethenny said you two have very little in common?” Carole told Andy, “Oh, right because I care all about my hair, my selfies, and my nails. I think she was talking about herself. No one cares more about selfies than Bethenny.” SHADE THROWN.

Then Andy wondered, “You never believed that she would call you a puppet. Why?” Carole answered, “Because she knows me and she knows that I’m not.”

Andy asked, “At Luann’s [de Lesseps] blood drive, why were you really upset when you found out that Bethenny said you were acting sad?” Carole explained, “Well, two reasons. Because Bethenny and I talked about it on text and stuff. I got the text messages. And she knew I wasn’t sad. Yes, it as a breakup, but I wasn’t like you know [made a crying motion]. Also, that narrative is a very misogynistic narrative.”

Andy was really wanted Carole to set the record straight last night. He still had one more question: “When Bethenny texted you over the holidays to say she misses you and you’re acting cold you wrote back ‘that’s a lot.’ Why did you respond that way?”

Carole claimed, “I didn’t respond that way. That is what Bethenny said I responded. Bethenny texted me, it must have been forty or fifty text messages and I was trying to keep up, trying to keep up. Finally, I said, ‘Bethenny, it’s a lot for a text message. Please, this is important. Let’s talk when we get back to New York in two days.’ And I have the receipts.” Post them, Carole.

A caller asked Carole, “Do you still speak to Adam [Kenworthy]? What is your current dating status?” Carole shared, “I still speak to Adam. It was just his birthday yesterday. I’m dating, but I’m not really focused on that part of my life. I’m focused on other things right now.” She’s dating, but is she dating Adam? Or another guy? Or other guys? These two have to be the friendliest exes of all time.

Andy couldn’t help being curious about Luann’s post-arrest (and rehab) sobriety. He said, “That had to be a huge topic among the women: will she stay sober?”

Carole answered, “It was. Listen, Luann and I have had our things in the past and I was fully expecting her to come back and be like ‘That’s in the past. I’ve moved on.’ But she really didn’t. She really took an inventory of her life and was making changes and didn’t drink. I mean, I haven’t seen her drink.” She added, “Everyone else continued to drink and she seemed OK with it. She came back from rehab and she was humbled.” Luann is in really in her prime these days. She’s never looked better. She’s killing it with her cabaret show. She has new music in the works. All it took was a divorce, a drunken arrest, and a rehab stint to bring out the best in Luann.

A fan wanted to know, “Why did Carole throw in the comment about Luann being a loser. It seemed like she was trying to get everyone mad at Bethenny so she could have mob mentality. ” Carole insisted, “No. No. That was literally word for word.” Even so, she did admit, “I shouldn’t have said it. I didn’t mean to say it.” Carole also said, “There was never a congratulations or ‘Oh my god. That’s so great.’ It just went on about Luann.” If I have to hear about Carole running the marathon one more time, it will be one time too many.

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