Vicki apologizes to Kelly - insincerely

Love her or hate her, longtime Real Housewives of Orange County viewers cannot deny that Vicki Gunvalson brings a lot to the show. There are Vicki-centered story lines in almost every episode of this show. During the last RHOC episode, Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge claimed that Vicki’s boyfriend Steve Lodge is only with her for money.

We’ve seen this story line with all of Vicki’s relationships, so there is nothing novel about it, but it still infuriates Vicki as much as it always has.

Of course, Vicki had a lot to say about Kelly and Tamra in her Bravo blog post she wrote after this week’s episode. Vicki confessed, “Watching this week’s episode felt like a stab in the back. Kelly and I used to be really good friends, but ever since her and Michael [Dodd] got divorced, our friendship has gone separate ways.”

To say their friendship “has gone separate ways” is a very mild way of putting it. Vicki and Steve went out on double dates with Michael and one of Vicki’s friends behind Kelly’s back. Kelly called Steve a “douchebag” and Vicki a “pig.” Things definitely got ugly. Technically, at that point in filming, the two of them were on good terms, but it’s clear there’s still tension there, especially with Kelly and Steve. Kelly is livid with Steve for talking about her in the press. It seems like this story line is far from over.

Vicki thinks Kelly is mad at herself for throwing marriage away

Vicki really went in with her digs: “After I witnessed first-hand how terrible she treated Michael, I started to pull back. Now she’s attacking my relationship and spreading lies about us just to make herself feel better. Kelly’s anger and uncontrolled temper is extremely toxic. When, and if, she can learn to control her temper, I’ll be there for her too.” Damn. If only there was a camera crew filming Kelly when she read this blog. That would definitely be some explosive TV.

Moving on to the other Vicki-centered drama of the episode: Tamra telling Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter, and Shannon Beador that Vicki is not in love with Steve. Vicki confessed, “It also really hurt me to see Tamra say, ‘She doesn’t love Steve’ at the dinner with Emily, Gina, and Shannon. Wasn’t it just last week after the golf outing she told Steve, ‘You need to marry Vicki’? Which one is it, Tamra? One week you’re saying we should get married and the next week you’re saying I don’t love him?” How confusing.

Vicki declared, “Tamra doesn’t know my relationship with Steve because she hasn’t been around us very often. She does know how happy he makes me, so why would she say that?” To stir the pot. Tamra has been the biggest pot stirrer on this show ever since she joined the cast. She knows what she’s doing.

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Vicki pointed out Tamra’s hypocrisy: “And wasn’t it Tamra who said when you talk crap about your man ‘game on’?! I vowed to Tamra, and have stuck to my word, that I would not talk badly about her or her relationship with Eddie [Judge], because I have no reason to hurt them and I want them happy. She agreed the same thing to me. It’s like every time I turn around, someone is trying to cause issues with me. Why?” Because this is Real Housewives of Orange County. That’s how the show works and how it’s always worked.

Vicki wrote, “The fact that Kelly and Tamra are now spreading rumors he’s only with me for my money is laughable.  Steve has his own money, and I have my own money. It’s such a hypocritical statement coming out of Kelly’s mouth, because she is the one who said she will only date a man if he has money. That’s not me. I could care less about what the size of anyone’s pocketbook is, and furthermore how does she know how much money we have? She doesn’t, so she is completely out of line (again!)”

I don’t blame Vicki for being upset that the Housewives are claiming that a man is after her for money- again. However, I don’t understand why she asked Tamra if she should go to a matchmaker, even though she’s in a committed relationship. I would be pretty offended watching that if I were Steve.

Nevertheless, Vicki insists, “I was joking when it came to the matchmaker comment with Tamra. What you didn’t see what me telling Tamra that if anything ever happened to Steve and me, I would definitely go the matchmaker route if I was willing to ever date again.” Interesting… That’s not how it came off during the episode. Was this just a case of bad editing? Or is Vicki just trying to cover her tracks?


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