Crazy Season Two Finale Of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Airs Tonight

Crazy Season Two Finale Of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Airs Tonight

It’s the end of a long, dramatic journey for the six couples of this season’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, and tonight we’ll see just how much dignity can be scraped off of the floor before they decide to walk away and/or commit themselves to one another for another paycheck life.

TLC’s previews are keeping tonight’s drama on strict lockdown, but we do see glimpses of what may befall our American-foreign lovebirds. As for the 7th(ish) couple, Marta and Daya, their relationship was basically dead on arrival, so let’s just allow them to RIP.

It’s time for Tarik to leave Hazel in the Philippines, but she’s got some bad news for him. After he flies home to Virginia Beach, she’ll essentially be homeless. And even the memory of Tarik’s super awesome rap won’t be of any comfort to her. Perhaps he’ll leave the mesh shirt behind?

Ricky, as we all know, has created a gigantic mess out of his life, relationships, and the emergence of fanny packs back onto the fashion scene. Even though he successfully got Ximena agree to marriage despite his endless lies, Ricky’s web of deceit might be catching up with him this week. Because, yo – Ricky’s WIFE finally contacts Ximena!  

Ricky’s Wife Tries To Distance Herself From The Fallout Of His Fake Storyline

Darcey and Jesse continue their horror movie version of The Notebook, except instead of holding each other in a loving embrace as they pass away peacefully in bed, they trap a innocent camera crew in a hotel with them while hideously screaming about dashed dreams of love and stepfarter-dom.

In Brazil, Paul and Karine face the sad aftermath of Karine’s miscarriage. In the UK, Jon has more confessions for Rachel (like: Can you please not wear that same sad sweatshirt to our wedding dinner? Thaaaaaaanks.)

The biggest bombshell of the night looks like it will come – naturally – from Angela and Michael, and involves Angela’s bank account being cleaned plumb out! Hmm. Did Michael run the long con on her? AND get to keep his Trump hat? #Genius

Tune in tonight to TLC at 8 Eastern/7 Central for the two-hour finale of Before The 90 Days, followed next Sunday night with The Couples Tell All. And join us in the comments section to have a live discussion about all of the nonsense as it unfolds!


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