Is LeeAnne using Stephanie?

For the first two seasons of Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken were at odds. Now, they have a friendship that no one anticipated. It would be a happy occasion except for one aspect: Brandi Redmond. Stephanie and Brandi are best friends. Meanwhile, LeeAnne and Brandi go at it every time they’re in the same room.

LeeAnne and Stephanie’s friendship is evolving and it seems like a good thing, but Brandi thinks that LeeAnne is only befriending Stephanie to get under her skin. Not only that, but she actually told Stephanie that to her face, which wasn’t the nicest thing to say.

Stephanie shared her thoughts on the last RHOD episode in a Bravo blog post. Before getting to her friendship triangle with Brandi and LeeAnne, she discussed LeeAnne’s other enemy this season: her ex best friend D’Andra Simmons. There’s been some weird tension between the two of them all season. At this point in the episodes, they’ve both said that they wanted to make up, but every time they have a one on one situation, their dynamic gets further strained.

During the last episode, LeeAnne said she was concerned about D’Andra drinking with Brandi. D’Andra took that as an insinuation that she’s an alcoholic and then the entire conversation went in an unanticipated direction with D’Andra discussing her father who took his own life while he was under the influence of alcohol.

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Stephanie wrote, “Do I think that D’Andra has a drinking problem? No, that is crazy! D’Andra has been very open to me and a few others about how alcoholism affected her family growing up, so I think she is very aware of how much she consumes. I do not see any problem enjoying a glass or two during lunch! We all lead very busy lives and have a lot going on, so when we get a moment to step away with a girlfriend, it is rare! Enjoy a glass, and as long as you’re responsible, it shouldn’t be a concern.”

And then she got to LeeAnne and Brandi’s issues from two episodes ago. Stephanie wrote, “As I said in my confessional and last week’s blog, I do not think that Brandi nor LeeAnne are blameless. I see both sides to their argument, because I am friends with both of these ladies.” In the first two seasons, Stephanie just would have sided with Brandi without question, but now she has a much more well-rounded perspective of the issues at hand.

Stephanie continued, “I do not think that LeeAnne was trying to be malicious when she made the analogy, but that was the wrong analogy to make. Brandi took offense to that, because baby Bruin is so special to their family and she would never want him to think that he is anything less than a complete blessing to them.”

She also pointed out, “On the flip side, Brandi should not have been pushing LeeAnne so much for details on her wedding, because that is something that is very near and dear to her, and she felt like she was being attacked from both sides. I get it, but I don’t want to be in the middle of it.” Unfortunately, being a cast member on this show does put her in the middle of this.

Stephanie admitted, “I know Brandi wasn’t trying to be malicious with the comment that she made in the car, but it did still hurt my feelings.”

She explained, “I know Brandi is hurt by LeeAnne, but I don’t think it is fair to say that she is using me just to get to her. I know I am worth more as a person than just a pawn to hurt someone else. I have been friends with Brandi for 12+ years and would like to think that LeeAnne sees in me the same thing that Brandi sees in me, friend.” Brandi and Stephanie are still close friends, so there’s no doubt that Brandi will end up apologizing for this in the next episode, in her own blog, or at the reunion. She has bigger fish to fry when it comes to throwing shade.


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