Brandi Redmond Says Stephanie Hollman Was Different Around Her After Befriending LeeAnne

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 got off to a rough start with longtime besties Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman at odds and not even speak speaking to each other. Thankfully, they rebounded and have been able to bring some fun to this show. Let’s just hope they never get back to that place they were in last season.

What might make that happen? Stephanie is finally on good terms with her longtime rival LeeAnne Locken, who argues with Brandi every single time they’re in the same room. Initially, Brandi was supportive of Stephanie exploring the relationship and making decisions on her own. During the last episode, Brandi theorized that LeeAnne befriended Stephanie to get under her skin- something that hurt Stephanie since she felt like Brandi was questioning her value as a friend. So what does Brandi think after watching that episode?

Brandi discussed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. Before addressing her conversation with Stephanie, she shared her take on the triangle of tension with her, LeeAnne, and D’Andra Simmons. She countered LeeAnne’s claims by writing, “I will say that D’Andra doesn’t sit around and talk about LeeAnne like she thinks. In fact, it’s the opposite when we hang out. We both have far better things going on in our lives.” Yes, they do. They are both busy people. Nevertheless, as cast members on this show, it is literally their job to talk about each other on a regular basis. That’s how a story is told in reality TV. In real life, they might not want to chit chat about LeeAnne at lunch, but when they’re filming they pretty much have to.

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Then Brandi addressed LeeAnne’s comments about her drinking with D’Andra. She declared, “I resent LeeAnne for saying I use alcohol as an outlet from my family. How in the world would you know that I’m currently struggling? Is there something I’m missing? Are you sitting around talking about me? In fact, please note how during your lunch with your fiancé, I was a topic of conversation.” Again, talking about each other’s lives is literally a part of the Real Housewife job description.

Brandi added, “Let me also remind you that I did not attack LeeAnne. I never said she was unhappy. The entire situation disgusts me.” Did she miss that part of the episode? Maybe she didn’t use the word “unhappy,” but she definitely took a dig at LeeAnne’s expense about not having a husband and kids during her on-camera interview. Am I the only one who misses that short-lived era when Brandi and LeeAnne were friends? They would be an unstoppable duo.

Brandi proclaimed, “I also have not judged or said anything to Stephanie or LeeAnne about their friendship, but LeeAnee has spoken about me to every single person, including taking Stephanie and Kameron [Westcott] to lunch.” Again, speaking about the cast members is a requirement to be on this show. If no one talked about what was going on in each other’s lives, then this wouldn’t be a reality TV show.

Brandi continued, “Did I not see my name brought up or that Stephanie was different around me and acting like she should join their sorority?”

Brandi shared her perspective on her conversation in the car with Stephanie: “After telling Stephanie my opinion, it hurts that she took it as if I didn’t think she was good enough to be friends with LeeAnne. Hello! I have told Stephanie how amazing she is and that LeeAnne could use a friend like her and that things are sacred, and I stand by that.”

She concluded, “Everyone is blessed to have Steph as a friend. I’m not telling anyone to pick sides nor am I asking anyone to. I was speaking from a place of questioning. I wash my hands of the nonsense. I don’t want to fight, and I’m sorry for having an opinion and trying to be open.”

Clearly Stephanie and Brandi were able to move past that remark Brandi made in the car. Or at least that’s what it seems like based on their social media posts and the description for tonight’s episode since Brandi is assisting Stephanie’s husband Travis Hollman prepare for a vow renewal. Yes, another Housewives vow renewal. Let’s just hope the Hollmans can avoid the vow renewal curse that has plagued so many reality TV couples.

So what else is in store for tonight? “D’Andra models in her ‘Hard Night Good Morning’ photoshoot for hot photographer and hubby Jeremy. Cary [Deuber] plans a trip for the ladies to visit her family in Denmark. Stephanie prepares for Travis’ trip to Harvard and their vow renewal, while bestie Brandi helps Travis shop for the ring. Mama Dee invites KameronLeeAnne, and D’Andra for a day of Southern cooking at the lake, and serves heaping lessons of friendship, hoping to bring the dueling besties back together. But Kameron’s mother-in-law offers D’Andra some hard-to-stomach advice that leads to an ugly showdown between the high society housewives. ” That last part with the mother-in-law drama sounds like it’s going to be so juicy.


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