D'Andra Simmons

Has the feud between D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken gone from entertaining to exhausting? Or maybe that’s just me. First off, it’s tough to see a best friendship fall apart. Second, they just argue about poorly communicated sentiments week after week. I’m not in this group of friends, yet here I am exhausted watching this play out from the comfort of my own couch at home.

Even though I’m pretty much over this fight, D’Andra and LeeAnne have not become tired of shading each other. Now D’Andra is calling out LeeAnne’s new bestie Kameron Westcott for some hypocrisies as well. Can someone please tell me the root of this drama? There has been an undeniable tension between D’Andra and LeeAnne since the first episode of Season 3, yet no one said why. Instead they’ve just been picking at each other whenever possible and constantly escalating the drama between them.

D’Andra had A LOT to say about LeeAnne and Kameron in her latest Bravo blog post. I don’t blame her for wanting to defend herself in a two against one situation, it’s just getting so exhausting, as I have said. I want from being super invested in this feud to just hoping that anyone else in this cast starts fighting so we can get a break. I’ll even watch another segment of Kameron talking about pink dog food just to get some small reprieve.

During the last episode, D’Andra did not go wedding dress shopping with LeeAnne and Stephanie Hollman. LeeAnne was upset about it, but D’Andra said that she wasn’t invited until the night before. D’Andra wrote, “She invited Stephanie over TWO WEEKS prior to that at the ’80s party. I was literally already in bed, and I had a lot planned already for the next day that could not be canceled. Even in the text that LeeAnne sent to me, she specifically said it was ‘very preliminary’ shopping. Considering she still had not set a date at this point, I assumed it would not be my only chance to go!” I still don’t get why anyone is offended by LeeAnne’s lack of wedding date. Just let her live her life and look at dresses if she wants to.

During the cooking party two episodes ago, LeeAnne shared her “concerns” about D’Andra drinking with Brandi Redmond in a conversation with D’Andra’s mom. Normally, this woman is the first person to shade D’Andra, but  she was actually on her daughter’s side this time. D’Andra admitted, “It was also nice to hear my mom say, ‘D’Andra is not an alcoholic.’ What a concept! Knowing that my mom has my back and that she is not letting LeeAnne’s manipulation tactics get to her, it’s a relief.” Was she actually worried that LeeAnne would be able to “manipulate” her own mother. I really hope not.

D’Andra pointed out a pattern from this season: “We can’t get through one episode without Kameron and LeeAnne having a powwow about D’Andra’s inappropriate behavior!” She’s not wrong. They do manage to make time for this continued discussion pretty much every episode.

D’Andra wrote, “Kameron, you asked who doesn’t have time to go to a wedding dress fitting? Someone who actually runs a business and goes to an office as part of her daily routine. The fact that the two of you are sitting in Kameron’s living room in the middle of the day talking about ME says a lot.” SHADE THROWN. However, to play devil’s advocate and break down the fourth wall, being a Real Housewife of Dallas actually is a job. This means that LeeAnne and Kameron are essentially required to meet up and gossip as a part of their duties. Nevertheless, D’Andra does have a point.

LeeAnne isn’t the only one on D’Andra’s bad side these days. D’Andra remarked, “I guess you are too far up LeeAnne’s ass. Besides, if you ever stop agreeing with every single thing LeeAnne says, she may karate chop YOU in the throat next!” Will LeeAnne vs. Kameron be the feud of Season 4? Maybe LeeAnne will denounce the color pink and it will be World War III.

D’Andra wasn’t the only one whose drinking habits were questioned by LeeAnne. LeeAnne actually referred to Brandi as an “alcoholic” two episodes ago. D’Andra explained, “Yes, it’s hurtful to hear someone who you once considered your best friend call you every name in the book, however, I will still have my business, my husband, and everything else good in my life regardless of her accusations! However, Brandi is under a microscope right now and LeeAnne accusing her of being an alcoholic could be VERY damaging to the adoption process of her baby son, Bruin. LeeAnne knows this, and she doesn’t care.”


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