Kameron Westcott On D’Andra Simmons: She Is “Letting Her Values Go And Demeaning Herself” To Be In The “Cool Crowd”

Both Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons joined Real Housewives of Dallas during Season 2. They were on the same side throughout their first year on the show, but now that D’Andra is feuding with ex-bestie LeeAnne Locken, Kameron is a proud member of #TeamLeeAnne.

Two episodes agoKameron and her mother-in-law Jimmy expressed “concern” over D’Andra’s supposed reputation among members of Dallas society. D’Andra did not take too well to these comments, but Kameron is not backing down instead of making peace.

Kameron shared her thoughts on the last Real Housewives of Dallas episode in a recent Bravo blog post. She boldly declared, “The world revolves around D’Andra, and D’Andra is always the victim, and to her mother, D’Andra can do no wrong. (Note: Not all only children are this way, and I have many friends that are only children who are extremely independent.)” She is very clearly implying that D’Andra is not independent when it comes to her relationship with Mama Dee.

Kameron insists, “D’Andra asked for my mother-in-law’s and my opinion, and we gave her our honest answer. We told her that we were concerned for her, not as ‘mean girls’ but as genuine friends trying to look out for her.” Did I miss something? When did D’Andra actually “ask” for Kameron and Jimmy’s opinions?

Kameron continued, “Regardless of what people say about her in Dallas, Jimmy and I were concerned about her personal self-worth. Jimmy had other conversations with D’Andra before, so it’s not anything unusual. We have always loved her for who she is and told her that we love and support her always and also said all of this in that same conversation.” Of course that “love and support” didn’t make it into the episode.

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Kameron wondered, “But…can you really love yourself if you are putting a Keurig Cup up your butt in any situation?” Yeah she can. Why is this such a big deal? People have done way worse things. Let’s move on, Kameron.

Nevertheless, Kameron maintained, “We just wanted to make sure everything was OK on the inside and make sure that her recent unusual behavior was not from a deeper seeded issue, but of course, D’Andra says we ‘attacked her.'” Can they just stop talking about “Dallas society”? I’m all for the arguing, but another topic of discussion would be way more interesting.

Kameron wrote, “I am sorry that D’Andra feels like I attacked her, but she is taking her anger out on me when her anger should be focused on herself for letting her values go and demeaning herself in order to be in what she considers ‘the cool crowd.’ I am genuinely concerned.” About what though? What is D’Andra doing that is so bad?

Kameron teased that she is concerned that she and D’Andra “have unfinished business.” Considering that this show was filmed months ago, that’s pretty much a confirmation that they do have “unfinished business” that is bound to surface during the remainder of the season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]