90 Day Live Show Featuring Angela & Colt's Mom, Debbie, Will Follow Tonight's All New 90 Day Fiance!

90 Day Live Show Featuring Angela & Colt’s Mom, Debbie, Will Follow Tonight’s All New 90 Day Fiance!

It’s going to be a three-hour extravaganza of CRAZY with an all new 90 Day Fiance tonight, followed immediately by a new 90 Day Live special hosted by the fabulous Michelle Collins. And guess who’s coming along for the live show ride? One of our favorite pink-tanktopped-wonders from Before The 90 Days and Mother Colt!

Yes, it’s true: Angela and Debbie will be gracing our screens for one whole hour answering viewer questions and comparing notes about how it feels to be in a committed relationship with a younger man who thinks of you as his elder. No word on whether there will be air conditioning on set yet.

Before the live show, we have some serious drama heading our way courtesy of this season’s couples. Tonight, it’s all about Leida and her family facing reality. And by reality, we mean Eric’s absolute sh*thole of an apartment in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

For Steven and Olga, the reality of becoming parents is upon them. But when Olga goes into labor, will Steven be able to navigate the red tape it takes to get admitted to the birthing room? He’s about to get a crash course in learning more than three Russian words.

Meanwhile in Orange County, Asuelu is learning how to be a hands-on father while Family Kalani continues to side eye his every move. Kalani just hopes that she can at least broker peace between Asuelu and her sister, Kolini, before the couple gets to the altar. Hmm…maybe Kalani should STOP LYING and START DEFENDING HER MAN if she wants this to actually happen. Just a thought!

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Ashley and Jay are also facing relationship scrutiny, but in their case, it’s Ashley’s best friend, Natalie, who’s laying the smack down. Over in NC, Jonathan tries to show Fernanda a good time by taking her out to a club. But when he humps up on some other random chick on the dance floor, Fernanda goes nuts. She questions why she’s even thinking about marrying this dude.

Last but not least, Colt, Larissa, and Mother Colt are all navigating their new seriously effed up relationship. When Larissa goes couch-shopping with Debbie, she learns who is actually in charge here. And – shocker – it is definitely not her.

Tune in to 90 Day Fiance tonight at 8/7 Central, followed by 90 Day Live at 10/9 Central. And join us in the comments section for the entire 90 Day party!  


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