Floribama Shore Episode Recap: Meet The Buttses

Last night on Floribama Shore, the Butts’ came to town! Codi Butts’ family, that is.  I wonder how a family gathering will work out with the feud between Nilsa Prowant and Kortni GilsonWill Nilsa be able to forgive Kortni for slamming a door into her nose? Or will she continue to milk this injury for more attention? Either way, I am ready to see how all of this drama unfolds. Let’s just hope Codi’s mom and dad are not caught in the crossfire!

The group wakes up to their last morning in Cabo. The guys discuss nosegate and whether it was done on purpose. I don’t think it was done on purpose, but I definitely think Kortni didn’t care that it happened. Kortni gives her side to Gus Smyrnios and hopes after they get home everyone will be able to move forward. Nilsa is totally playing up her injury and being completely extra. Can someone say “attention seeker”?  But hey, if someone hit me in my nose and laughed about it, I would be angry as well. In the cab with the girls, Kortni attempts to extend an olive branch and ease the tension. Nilsa does not want to hear what she has to say. She is still angry and clearly not ready to let it go.

Kortni talks to Kirk Medas about the situation with Nilsa. She wants to make amends. So, she is entertaining the idea of sending flowers as an apology. Jeremiah Buoni and Aimee Hall discuss the Nilsa and Kortni drama. Apparently, Kortni feels like no matter what she does, she is wrong. They both agree that the roommates have to just accept her, for who she is as a person.  I guess I could accept the personality, but not her nasty ways.

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Instead of flowers, Kortni decides to win Nilsa over with pizza that has the pepperoni spell out “I’m Sorry”.  Who would have known that it just took a pizza to win her friendship back? Immediately upon seeing the gesture, she jumps into Kortni’s arms and forgives her. In a surprising turn of events, Kortni becomes very emotional and wants Nilsa to know that she wants to be a better friend. I honestly felt bad for Kortni in this scene. I think at her core she is good, but she just doesn’t know how to act.

Codi-tells-the-guys-his-parents-are-coming Floribama Shore

Codi receives a call from his pa, yes I said “pa.” That is what his dad referred to himself as, not me. He informs Codi he and his mom are coming to Panama City beach to visit. In preparation for his guests, he gift wraps beer for his mother. Ok… I can just tell this is going to going to be interesting.

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Nilsa-and-Codi-streak Floribama Shore

The group heads out for the night to a local bar. The Gus and Nilsa show starts early. Gus is flirting with a random “baby girl.” Of course, Nilsa comes over cockblocking as per usual. She claims her territory when she sits on his lap and leaves lipstick marks on his face. Aimee is not trying to deal with the crazy; she screams they better not set them back. Gus runs off to find some other girls when Nilsa goes to get a drink.

Kortni is flirting with an older victim guy, who she seems very excited about. She asks him to come back to the house with her. Kortni feels like she deserves a stable guy after the meth head Logan. I would agree if she was stable herself. This is truly the best, I have ever seen her look on this show. She actually looks like she took a shower and put effort into her outfit.  Little does he know at midnight she will be back to wearing scrunchies and peeing in the street.

Kortni-meets-a-new-man Floribama Shore

Codi and Nilsa decide to play a game where they streak and race up the stairs. If Codi loses, he will be on dish duty. Can I just say, this is one of the cringiest scenes I have seen on this show. I could have done without seeing Codi run around naked. Then, Kortni’s prey arrives for the night and he looks like he could be her dad or uncle. He seems nice and normal, which means he will be running for the hills soon enough.

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Nilsa-and-Codi-streak Floribama Shore

The crew wakes up and starts cleaning and cooking for the Butts’ arrivals. His parents arrive with liquor in hand and are ready to party. Everyone gets in a cab and heads to the bar. The girls are in a separate cab with Codi’s mom. Unfortunately, she is forced to watch the girls flash the other cab with her son and husband in it. Okay, I retract my previous statement… This is the cringiest thing I have seen on this show. Who does this with someone’s mom in the car? That is just weird, in my opinion.

The crew arrives at the bar. Immediately Codi’s dad is chugging a beer and being cheered on by the guys.  After, Codi’s dad asks Candace Rice if she is going to hook up with his son. I could not help but laugh out loud. Why on earth is Codi allowing his dad to try and help get him a date? He presses her on whether if his son asked her on a date would she agree. We will have to wait until next week to see her response, but I guess anyone is better than a guy name Gator Jay.

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