Floribama Shore Episode Recap: Newsworthy

Last night on Floribama Shore, police arrested Aimee Hall. At the bar, she was harassed by a random, now the supposed victim is claiming her nose is broken. Portions of the altercation were blurred out. So, I can’t tell if she threw a drink or actually punched the woman in her face. Do we believe this is a desperate bar patron looking for fifteen minutes of fame? Or is she just a victim who talks too much? I’m leaning towards the former. Get those tabloid interview coins!

The group is in the van coming home when the police stop them. Meanwhile, Codi Butts and Candace Rice are on their way home from their date, totally unaware of the drama. Aimee is placed under arrest for battery and the random at the bar wants to press charges. The police decide not to take her to jail, but give her a court date.

Kortni Gilson immediately defends Aimee when she returns to the car shaken and with bruised wrists from the handcuffs. Kortni claims she knows people and is going to figure out a way to help her.  Ummm… ok. I didn’t know Kortni had legal connections. Let’s see how this plays out.  Gus Smyrnios gets upset with Aimee for speaking poorly about the police and putting herself in the situation. He feels like she is acting like the police brutalized her. He takes her statements personally because of the police officers in his family. Kirk Medas tries to deescalate the situation to no avail.

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Codi is shocked to hear Aimee was arrested when he sees her wrists. He goes to talk to the guys and mentions Aimee’s wrists. Gus freaks out on him and shouts he is sick of people claiming police brutality. Codi apologizes immediately and doesn’t understand why he is getting yelled at. All he wants to do is talk about Candace. Gus is annoying. If he isn’t being moody, he is throwing a tantrum.

When someone goes through something stressful, don’t antagonize them while they are going through it. If you disagree, there is a time and place to voice your concerns and opinion. Aimee is extremely upset about her interaction with Gus. Aimee warns Nilsa Prowant if she ever does anything else with Gus, she is cutting her off.


Aimee calls her mom to break the news about her arrest. Her mother isn’t upset, but warns her that this may go on her record. Kortni tells Aimee to call her mother for advice. Apparently, Kortni’s mother may know some people. She says she will help Aimee figure it out.

The girls want to know what happened on Candace’s date. She would definitely go out with him again. I don’t really see this going anywhere, but I am happy they both had fun.  Aimee joins them about how Gus and Jeremiah Buoni responded to her arrest. She feels like they should have asked her was she okay instead of judging her right away.

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As sensitive as Gus is, I’m sure he would have started crying if that was done to him. Everyone knows if you do the crime, you do the time. But that doesn’t mean as a friend you can’t be empathetic. This was a situation any one of them could have been in.


Candace tells her roommates that she will leave the house early for her brother’s graduation. Codi is sad that his time with her is coming to an end. He doesn’t know where they stand at this point. In honor of her last night, the girls decide to do a weird, uncoordinated performance for the guys. Nilsa interrupts Jeremiah on the phone with his mom to give him ”tickets” to pass out to this shit show.

Let’s just say the guys less than enthused to see this crap. They are confused by the outfits. Candace nearly breaks her ankle trying to come down the stairs with her circus stiletto boots. Kortni looks like a hillbilly from hell, complete with overalls and a unibrow. Even if the guys weren’t entertained, I was!




Gus is still in the funk, despite one of the best embarrassments shows I have ever watched on reality TV. The next day, the awkwardness is taken up a notch when Aimee and Gus have to work together. They are still not talking. I wish someone would be the bigger person. Finally, Gus breaks down and asks her about the issue. She reminds him that he was laughing while she was getting arrested and was unsympathetic. He admits he could have made sure she was okay. They decide to end their beef and enjoy the last few days of the vacation.

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Candace and Gus decide to steal Jeremiah’s pink palm tree shirt. Then, they go to the store he bought it from and hide any others in stock. Ughh…they actually made more of these fugly things. Back at home, they frame the shirt so he can never wear it again. They have the right idea because I could definitely live without seeing it again.

Aimee calls her ex’s mom and learns that her whole hometown is talking about the fight. She is on the news and in the papers in her hometown. The alleged victim claims that she broke her nose. I hope that this is worked out for Aimee. I’m sure that this was a sobering experience for her. Hopefully, she learns not to let anyone provoke her. There are a lot of people who see cameras and then see dollar signs a result. Hopefully, this is a lesson for the group, just walk away, it’s not worth being sued or arrested.


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