Brandi Glanville Snubbed Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn; They Talk Out Differences On Twitter

Could you imagine going from being a Real Housewives superfan to actually interacting with them? What about being in a feud with one of the Housewives? That sounds both thrilling and terrifying, depending on the Real Housewife, of course.

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn have been very vocal about their love for the Real Housewives franchise. They’ve both appeared on Watch What Happens Live many times to share their opinions (and throw some shade). They’ve even hung out with the Housewives outside of WWHL. Usually, they’re well-received by the Housewives, but that was not the case when they met Brandi Glanville.

During an appearance on the Watch What Happens Live After Show, a fan asked them to name the Housewife who was “most disappointed’ when they met.

According to an article from Entertainment Tonight CanadaJerry began, “You know, I do have to say, we do have one story that is a little bit disappointing, and you have to decide whether you’re gonna say the name, and you’re gonna know who I’m talking about.” He said this while looking at his wife.

Then, Jerry continued, “We went to an event of Andy [Cohen]’s, and this Housewife was there, and we were so excited to meet her.” Then, Rebecca chimed in with, “I think I know exactly who you’re talking about.”

Jerry revealed, “She completely ignored us!” This prompted Rebecca to say, “I think I’m very comfortable sharing who it was.”

Jerry attempted to be a little mysterious when he said, “Her initials are….” Then, Rebecca interrupted him and yelled out “Brandi Glanville!”

Of course, Andy laughed in response. He lives for the drama, just like the rest of us. Jerry backtracked a teeny bit and explained, “In Brandi’s defense, I was freaking out upon seeing her.”

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He theorized, “She may have thought I was a fan and wanted to call security, but Rebecca was there! She was a little rude to us.” That sounds more than just “a little rude.”

Well, Brandi caught wind of this comment and took to Twitter to address the issue. She wrote, “Omg I was so excited to read what bitchy housewife snubbed you guys!I LOVE you guys always have @RebeccaRomijn you have my all time fav SI pic & @MrJerryOC is my favorite Replacement host for Wendy @Andy :(((( I fan girl on everyone & I’m nice to everyone!!! So Sorry :/.”

Wow. That had to be so awkward. Brandi was excited to read some fun gossip and it ended up being a news story about her.

In response, Jerry tweeted, “Brandi, we all LOVE you. This is just my way of involving @RebeccaRomijn in #RHOBH drama so she will join cast next season. @Andy @BravoTV.” Now, that is an idea. Rebecca’s good friend Denise Richards just joined the cast. Maybe she can come on a friend of hers.

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Brandi admitted, “Omg this makes my day! @RebeccaRomijn is perfection she should! I do have a story in my head of when I think it was! Need to compare deets! I really [heart] you 2.”

Jerry told Brandi, “WE LOVE YOU B! We shouldn’t have told that story. I am sure I was being annoying that night. I am ashamed! BRING BACK BRANDI #BringBackBrandi @Andy @BravoTV.”

I completely agree with that last part. Let’s get Brandi back on the show as a full-time cast member. She makes a cameo appearance during Season 9, but that’s just not enough. Let’s liven up this show!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]