Real Housewives of New Jersey
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Teresa Giudice Calls Jackie Goldschneider “White Trash” & “A Stalker” In Reunion Trailer

We don’t deserve The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This season has been the perfect season in so many waves. The new ladies were explosive right out of the gate. Both Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider found themselves at the center of many jaw-dropping moments. The tequila monster Jennifer SMASHED A GLASS AND THREATENED Melissa Gorga. Jackie went toe to toe with Teresa Giudice and lived to tell the tale. The drama was sizzling throughout the entirety of the season. Besides the new wives, we got to see the insane end of Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub’s friendship. WHAT A TABLE FLIPPING RIDE.

The biggest thing to look forward to now is the always dramatic reunion show. The Real Housewives of New Jersey always deliver come reunion time. Teresa manhandled rag doll Andy Cohen during the Season 2 reunion. Teresa went up against all of her costars for multiple seasons in a row at the reunion tapings. Last year, Teresa exploded on Kim D in a memorable confrontation. CLINK CLINK. Hopefully, they kept the drinks to a minimum (looking at you Jennifer!) because tensions will be running very high. Will the Real Housewives of New Jersey survive the reunion show unscathed? 

The trailer for the reunion is out and OMG. It looks like Margaret and Andy weren’t lying. Teresa really did come in red hot. We aren’t sure if Jackie survived Teresa’s scary demeanor in the video.

In the clip, Melissa asks Jackie, “I wonder if Jennifer is drinking right now.” Jackie responds saying, “No you can’t be drinking yet.” If Jennifer IS drinking then hide the glassware because you never know what side of her you’re going to get!

Melissa says to Teresa, “You want family, you treat me with respect or you get no family.” Andy can’t help cringing during the exchange, and we are so with him. Nobody wants to see round 124 of the Gorga family feud. They’ve come too far since StripperGate to revert back to the drama.

Obviously, Margaret and Jennifer have not fully worked out their issues. In the trailer, Jennifer once again brings up Margaret’s past. She declares, “I’m not gonna feel pity for a woman who was a homewrecker.”

The powerhouse in pigtails seems to be over Jennifer’s comments simply saying, “OH PU LEASE.” It’s been nothing but low blows between the two all season. We thought Margaret only fought with drunk Jennifer?

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It was nice to see all of the guys (except Marty) at the reunion. We appreciate Jennifer’s husband leaving the pool house for the special occasion.

A HUGE moment in the trailer was when Andy asked Teresa about the future of her marriage to Joe Giudice. Andy says to her, “What you’re saying is, you’ll go your separate ways.” Although Teresa previously denied the claims, it has been widely speculated that she will leave Joe if he is deported.

Margaret and Danielle continue the contentious fallout of their friendship in the reunion preview. Danielle attacks Margaret yelling, “You’re a fu****g sh***y person. Zip it.”

Margaret immediately retorts saying, “Work on your soul. It’s black.” What a journey these two have been on! From BFF’s to mortal enemies. We thought it was toxic with cake rights advocate Siggy Flicker last year, but her issue with Danielle is way worse.

The growing animosity between Jackie and Teresa is apparent as well. Teresa hit her where it hurts by referencing the issue between Jackie and her sister. She told Jackie, “That’s why you don’t even talk to your own sister. White trash bitch.” In Jackie’s defense, Teresa did go a VERY long time without talking to her brother and Melissa. Glass houses?

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Teresa also calls Jackie a “stalker” which is likely regarding a photo that surfaced of Jackie at her book signing from years ago. It also looks like Teresa charges after Jackie in the clip. Melissa sums it up perfectly saying, “You can’t make this s**t up.” We agree. The entire season was off the rails, and we are so thankful.

We’re looking forward to all of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Danielle (what is she wearing though?) reliving all of the season’s high drama. The epic three-part event looks like it’s going to be one of the most memorable of all time.


[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]