Billie Lee Says LaLa Kent Is Bully & She’s “Deals With Mean Girls” On Vanderpump Rules

The feud between Vanderpump Rules stars Billie Lee and Lala Kent continues. A couple of episodes ago  Billie and Lala were together, they were at Scheana Marie’s housewarming party. Billie approached Lala to clear the air about her tweet insinuating she wasn’t invited to SUR’s Girls Night In because she was trans. And that lead to a huge blowup.

Lala was offended that Billie implied they were transphobic and she wouldn’t hear anymore. She yelled at Billie, “You’re dismissed!” To which Billie clapped back, “You’re not f*king better than everyone because you have a rich boyfriend, Lala!” The shade was intense. And according to Billie, the animosity still going strong.

In an interview with OK!, Billie shared her thoughts about this season and how things are with Lala now. When asked what her biggest regret of the season was, Billie said, “I regret, like, saying that I used the fat card, or that Katie used the fat card.” Quick save on Katie Maloney there! 

She continued, “It came from a place, like, she’s privileged being cis and being able to use any card she has and not being questioned. But as soon as I said anything about my trans experience, it was like oh you’re using the trans card.” Billie added, “I just felt bad because I know people can’t just put the fork down.” 

When asked what’s coming up for the rest of the season, Billie said, “Lala and I are still not talking. You’ll see that escalate.” I can’t see how it could escalate any more than their last argument. Still, I’ll be ready with my popcorn when it does. She added, “I’m dealing with some mean girls and the end of the day I believe we’re all just insecure.” Welcome to Vanderpump Rules, Billie!

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When asked if she hoped to reconcile with Lala some day, Billie said, “Yeah. Deep down she has an amazing soul, but her human experience is very mean. She’s a bully in a way.” Billie added, “She likes to make accusations and she likes to call you something really awful, and then you feel really bad. And I just don’t want to be around someone who makes me feel really bad all the time.” 

It’s ironic that Lala is besties with the girls who bullied her when she started at SUR. Now, newbie Billie is feeling bullied by Lala. It looks like this feud is not going to end anytime soon.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]