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Dorit Kemsley Explains How Their Dog From Lisa Vanderpump’s Foundation Ended Up In Shelter

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 premiere finally revealed some tantalizing clues about the reasons for Lisa Vanderpump’s estrangement from her former friends fellow Housewives. Lisa has also been dealing with the unexpected death of her brother on April 3, 2018, and seemed very emotional during the first episode.

Much of the drama was driven by Dorit Kemsley and her husband, PK Kemsley’s, decision not to keep a dog. They adopted Lucy from Vanderpump Dogs. Lucy nipped Dorit’s children (not good) and PK (marginally acceptable). Then, they allegedly re-homed the dog to a supposedly wonderful new family. Somehow the pup ended up in a shelter.

The fur-flying drama escalated when Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, and Kyle Richards went to Vanderpump Dogs. When another employee, John Sessa, brought out Lucy, Lisa kept saying that she didn’t want to discuss the situation. Teddi was already aware of what happened because another Vanderpump Dogs employee told her. Lisa supposedly wanted to keep the story from reaching the press.

In her Bravo blog, Dorit explained what happened to Lucy. “PK and I adopted Lucy, and our family grew to love her. Despite trying with the best dog trainers, we decided she wasn’t the right fit for us after she bit Jagger and Phoenix and left a tear in PK’s nose,” Dorit said. “Although it was a difficult decision, I knew what I was doing was best for Lucy and our family, so we sent Lucy home with an honest woman who PK met through a work relationship.” Well, as long as it was an honest woman.

“I called Lisa immediately after Lucy had left and explained the situation and how it seemed like a harmonious fit,” Dorit added. So how did Lucy end up in a shelter? Well, Dorit doesn’t have too many specifics.

“Lucy’s new mother sent us videos and updates of Lucy playing until one day I got a call from Lisa V saying Lucy ended up in a shelter. I was beyond shocked and attempted to understand how this could have happened,” Dorit shared. “The woman who we sent Lucy home with had a family emergency and could no longer care for Lucy. She was assured that Lucy was going to another safe, loving home, but much to our dismay apparently ended up in a shelter.”

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When PK and Dorit joined Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, for a meal, Lucy was the number one topic. Followed by a discussion of PK shaving his arms and hands. That is creepy! Dorit had signed an adoption contract. It required Dorit to return Lucy to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation if things didn’t work out. This seemed to be news to Dorit. Oops. With all the financial stress that PK and Dorit are under, not reading a contract isn’t a jaw-dropper.

In her blog, Dorit wrote, “Despite Lisa previously assuring me she wasn’t upset by the Lucy situation, she, for reasons I don’t quite understand, felt the need to tell me that it was being talked about at the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.” It was clear from the RHOBH premiere that Dorit has no few friends at Vanderpump Dogs.

Lisa told Dorit that Teddi obtained the information from a Vanderpump Dogs employee she is friends with. Dorit wrote, “It made me nervous to think what kind of conversations were happening behind my back about something that was already so hurtful for me, especially in front of someone who wouldn’t have my best interest, namely Teddi.”

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