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Lisa Vanderpump Says PK & Dorit Kemsley Did Not Pay $5,000 Vanderpump Dogs Fine; They Returned More Than 1 Adopted Dog

Throughout nine seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillswe have learned many things about Lisa Vanderpump. She has a dry and wicked sense of humor. Lisa also has a taste for fussy, custom made clothing. And most importantly, there are three things she holds dear. Her personal integrity. Her beloved husband Ken Todd. And her love of four footed creatures of all kinds. This season, it seems that Lisa will be challenged to defend all three.

Lisa is currently caught up in “Dog-Gate”-a mysterious story about how a dog named Lucy from Vanderpump Dogs wound up in a shelter after being adopted by Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley. And rightly or wrongly, Dorit is being cast as Cruella de Kemsley. Now, both Lisa and Dorit are sharing their thoughts about the situation.

A follower recently asked Lisa on Twitter if “it was true Dorit adopted two puppies, the first one she returned to @Vanderpump Dogs and the 2nd one she gave away.” Lisa responded with a simple, “Yes.” She did not confirm any other details, but clearly, she is not going to cover for Dorit.

There is nothing wrong with a pet adoption not working out if is handled responsibly via the rules of the place where the pet was adopted. Which seems to be the case for the first failed adoption. The second adoption is the one that seemed to go wrong. Very wrong.

When another Twitter follower asked Lisa if Dorit and PK had paid the $5,000 penalty for violating the terms of their pet adoption contract, Lisa replied with a curt, “No, they didn’t.” Considering that the Kemsley’s are currently embroiled in several financial lawsuits, it is probably not surprising they have not paid the fine for failing to return Lucy to Vanderpump Dogs.

As for Lisa, I am sure the fine is of little importance. Making sure the Vanderpump dogs go to good homes is. Dorit has claimed that although her family loved Lucy, she was rehomed after nipping her children and PK. And Lucy was supposedly given to someone who loved dogs. Instead of being returned to Vanderpump Dogs, per the adoption contract. Which the usually crafty Mrs. Kemsley claims to be vague on the details of.

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Dorit shared her side of her falling out with Lisa in an interview with US Weekly, stating that she “never anticipated her friendship with Lisa to break down like that.” And when asked if she felt betrayed, Dorit responded “Yes.”

In last week’s premiere episode, it seemed that everything was OK with Lisa and Dorit after Lucy had been returned to Vanderpump Dogs. However, the way Lisa allowed filming at her store/shelter that cast Dorit as a bad pet owner seems mighty suspicious. If Dorit did not anticipate that Lisa would be upset about one of the Vanderpump dogs being found in a shelter, she must not be as close to Lisa as she has claimed to be. Or as clever as she thinks she is.

In a bit of a season teaser, Dorit further revealed, “Lisa and I have been friends for a while and we go into the season that way. And there’s a few things that I’m enlightened to and things have a way of twisting and turning.” As they always do. So far, Dorit has “been enlightened” on pet adoptions. And the horrible publicity that can occur if you don’t follow contracts. Of course, we all know that this is not Dorit’s first time being accused of not following contracts. Read the fine print Dorit, read the fine print!

At this point, everything is a bit muddied. We only know that lots of drama goes down in Season 9. And Lisa Vanderpump, as usual, seems to be in the hot seat.

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