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Erika Jayne Targeted With Vicious Comment About Her Son On Social Media

We all know that being a Housewife comes with some great perks. Public exposure on a popular television show. Endless opportunities to self-promote whatever it is you are selling. Being a Housewife has led some anonymous women to fame and fortune and helped others in a career lull to re-invent themselves ala Lisa Rinna.

Sounds good so far. But there is sometimes a downside for Real Housewives. And that is the battering they can take on social media. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne has just found out how low the comments can go when you are famous. And you have a son who is a police officer.

Erika recently responded to a social media user who said: “@ Erika Jayne has someone shot your son yet? You probably could care less since you didn’t raise him. Maybe he’s better off dead.” We all know how ugly comments can get on Twitter and Instagram, but this? You have to wonder how someone could post something like that. Erika can be a very polarizing person, but no one deserves that type of comment.

In response to the post, Erika said simply: “This is disgusting.” Which seems like the best response as it really says it all. To argue with such a vile statement would be futile. Erika received an outpouring of support from her followers regarding the post.

Erika has generally been tight-lipped about her son, Tommy. We know she gave birth to him in her early twenties and divorced his father not long after. Erika has revealed in the past that her son is a police officer in Los Angeles and that at one point he was living with her and husband Tom Girardi. And that she is very proud of his career as an officer.

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Of course, having a child in law enforcement must be stressful for any parent. In a memorable scene from the cast trip to Hong Kong in Season 7, Eileen Davidson made what she thought was an innocent analogy in trying to defend Dorit Kemsley. As part of the analogy, Eileen said, “She didn’t kill your child.” As Erika’s son is a police officer, this understandably set her off and it caused some temporary friction between the two. Erika later apologized and they quickly made up. It was the first crack viewers really saw in Erika’s often frosty veneer, however.

As we don’t hear much about Erika’s son, it is probably a pretty safe bet to say that he enjoys his anonymity. Being the child of a Housewife can open amazing doors-like launching the modeling careers of Yolanda Hadid’s daughters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. Other children of Housewives fly a little more under the radar.

A few Real offspring, like Erika’s son, are never seen on camera. That is their choice to make. And to me, they should not be subject to attacks on social media-directly or indirectly- when they have not signed up for the show themselves.

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It is always fun to snark on your favorite-or least favorite celebrity. Sometimes, that can be taken too far. Especially for those who have not signed up for fame in the first place. On that, I’m sure we all can agree.


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