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Brandi Glanville Says Scheana Marie Talks Behind Lisa Vanderpump’s Back

These days it seems like the words “Lisa Vanderpump” are a trigger among Bravo viewers. Her army of fans will adamantly defend her whenever they have the chance. Her haters will call her out whenever they can think of a reason.

And that’s where Brandi Glanville comes in. Again. Not only that, but she reignited the previously squashed beef with Scheana Marie. They infamously feuded for years, which makes sense since Scheana had an affair with Brandi’s ex-boyfriend. And now, Brandi is throwing Scheana back under the bus just take another jab at LVP.

Brandi thirsted for attention when she tweeted, “I don’t hang out with Scheena but we are fine however if she has no issue with lvp why does she constantly need her podcast producer (mine also!) to edit all the shit she talks about LVP ??.” If she’s going to talk shit about Scheana, she should at least spell her name correctly.

Scheana shut those accusations down when she posted, “I have never talked shit about LVP on my podcast and our mutual producer WILL confirm that.”
In another tweet, Scheana explained to her followers, “I edit out things that are said about production BTS sometimes.” And just by the way, “BTS” stands for “behind the sceness.” Basically, she’s saying that the only things she edits from her podcast are Vanderpump Rules spoilers.
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Then, a Twitter user called out Scheana for “liking” and then “unliking” an Instagram post Brandi shared about Lisa Vanderpump. Scheana responded by saying, “Bc that was clearly a mistake!! Of course i removed it. I would never purposefully ‘like’ something negative about Lisa. My assistant runs my Instagram for the most part when i travel and that was a complete accident. Didn’t read the headline.” Likely story…
In another tweet, the Vanderpump Rules cast member tweeted, “I’ve never said a bad word about her on my podcast.”
Brandi and Scheana’s shared producer Will Sterling eventually chimed in. Will tweeted to corroborat Scheana’s version of the story. He wrote, “Last night something I said in passing about the production of @scheana’s podcast was taken out of context to be used as a means of saying I edited her ‘shit talking’, which isn’t true. Often we have to edit behind the scenes info of VPR so as not to give away spoilers.”
And then Brandi came through with another insult full of misspellings. She tweeted, “Let me be clear on one thing I am not a liar, I’m not a cheater I don’t sleep with married men and I’m not a latter climber. I’ve hurt @WillSterling_ enough with repeating something he told in confidence. If I wanted 2 I could show texts to vindicate myself but I’ve done damage.”
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And there you go, Lisa Vanderpump made news without even trying. Again.
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