NeNe Leakes Denies Putting Her Hands On Pregnant Porsha Williams & Pulling Off Her Belt

Well, Real Housewives of Atlanta is finally getting interesting! NeNe Leakes threw a ‘Bye Wig’ party, that resulted in mayhem. NeNe was very emotional over  her husband Gregg Leakes’ return to the hospital. And the state of her marriage. She lashed out at Marlo Hampton and broke down in tears. After, NeNe ordered her guests to stay out of her closet. Unfortunately, Kandi Burruss and mother-to-be Porsha Williams insisted on wandering around in NeNe’s mystery closet.  Cynthia Bailey went in after them. Entering this closet was a big Nay-Nay!

A cameraman followed, and NeNe ripped his shirt off. We don’t know what happened in the closet, but there is much speculation about NeNe coming after Porsha. I don’t know what is hiding in NeNe’s closet, but I would love to find out! In Porsha’s confessional during the episode, Porsha refused to respond to questions about how her belt came off. She even added that if she answers, her relationship with NeNe would be done.

According to an article in Celebrity Insider, NeNe took to her Instagram Live to answer some questions from fans about closet-gate.

Porsha is insinuating that she was touched in the closet. There were four people in the closet. Me, Porsha, Cynthia  and Marlo and Kandi,” NeNe said. “Now, the closet ain’t no d*** store, it’s a closet okay with an island in the floor so Porsha is the only one that know she was touched, or her belt came off. So she just assumed that I touched her and her belt came off. Now, I’d like to know how’s that possible which I told her at the reunion ‘I wasn’t even behind you so how could I touch your belt?’” NeNe exclaimed. I am not a math whiz, but I think that makes five people in the closet during the incident.

Still, something must have happened in that closet. How did Porsha lose her belt? And is NeNe buying the camera man a new shirt? I have so many questions. NeNe added that, “You know, it’s crazy, because what if I had a big *ss dog in my closet, and I said don’t go in there, and he jumps out and attacks every-damn-body. Then that’s my fault too, right?” NeNe finished her comments about closet-gate in true NeNe fashion. “But I told you don’t go in there.”

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NeNe also addressed the fact that she has unfollowed many of her RHOA co-stars on social media.” The first thing is….the first thing I saw was I unfollowed half of my cast. That’s what the blogs have said, and they are correct.” She seemed very angry at Cynthia and blasted her former bestie in the same Instagram Live post. NeNe said, “I don’t have no hate in my heart for Cynthia. We are co-workers from this day forward.” NeNe also said that Atlanta Housewives fans will find out more about what Cynthia did in the RHOA finale.

NeNe finished her video by acknowledging, “And after 11 seasons, I finally realized that these girls are my co-workers.” Ouch! Perhaps we will finally learn what is lurking in NeNe’s closet during the reunion? I hope so!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]