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Kim Zolciak Discusses NeNe Leakes’ Marriage Struggles

It feels like the saga between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes will never end. During Season 1 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, these two were best friends. For a couple episodes anyway. Then, they had an on-again-off-again relationship that spawned some infamous insults.

NeNe told Kim “close your legs to married men.” She called her a “trash box.” NeNe even referred to Kim as “Wig” instead of her actual name. Many times over. And who can forget their confrontation during the Season 10 reunion?  There’s no coming back from that kind of animosity. Right? Well, you never know what to expect from these two. The door is actually not closed.

Kim appeared on last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode with Eva Marcille. Right away, Andy Cohen noticed that Kim had a breast reduction. #TotalRealHousewifeMove.

Then, he asked Kim about NeNe and Gregg Leakes’ marital issues. Instead of shading NeNe while she’s down, Kim remarked, “I think that Gregg going through what he’s going through is rough. You should definitely try to put your needs on the side.  But, NeNe still does have needs. I mean, we all do, but through sickness and in health.”

Later in the episode, Kim said, “I just feel like NeNe’s going through it. I don’t think a lot of people can relate unless you’re actually in her shoes. It’s rough. It’s rough to watch. It is.”

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At another point in the show, Eva commented on Dennis McKinley proposing to Porsha Williams during the last RHOA episode. Eva gushed, “Oh my god. I hit Porsha up immediately. It was the most beautiful thing ever.” She followed up with “It’s like literally seeing someone’s Cinderella story happen. I’m so happy for them.”

Andy asked Kim, “Whose presence do you think is missed on the show the most? Sheree [Whitfield] or Kenya [Moore]?” Kim answered, “Mine.” Can we just bring them all back? We need some drama.

A viewer asked, “Do you think you and Kroy [Biermann] could learn anything from Kandi [Burruss] and Todd [Tucker]’s relationship?” Kim threw some major shade with her response: “I don’t share my husband, sweetie.”

Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann was the bartender last night. She confirmed that she is single these days. Kim jumped in to emphasize that Brielle is “very” single. Kim even said, “She has more people chasing her these days than I’ve ever seen before in my life. Instagram, you know? The DM’s.”

Then Kim asked Andy, “Do you have that?” Andy joked, “Not enough. Hit me up.” The DM’s might not be the best place to find a stepdad for baby Benjamin.

Later, a “fan” called in to ask “Why do you look half your age on Instagram, but twice your age on TV?” Of course, Kim did not answer the question. Andy said, “I don’t think that was the question that was going to be asked there. Let’s move on.” Meanwhile, Eva just shadily sipped her drink while making exaggerated facial expressions.

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Speaking of shade, Andy asked Eva, “After watching the season, do you really think that you didn’t shade Cynthia [Bailey]?” FINALLY, Cynthia owned her shit. She admitted, “OK, OK, OK, OK. What I consider shade and what these ladies consider shade is different. I thought it was funny. They’re kind of mean. When I think of shady, I think of mean. If you think that’s shady, then, honey, I’ll be an umbrella.”

Kim was asked about NeNe. Again.  A fan wanted to know about their current relationship. Initially, Kim said, “We’re cool.” Then, she revealed, “Tracey [Bloom], our chef, does diets for them and all these things. So, I wanted Gregg to have kind of almost a head start on things. I’ve sent her what we’ve learned over the years.”

Andy remembered that Eva was in the clubhouse too. He asked, “How did you feel about Marlo [Hampton]’s comments about your kids have two different dads?” Eva replied, “First of all, it was BS. Everyone on that bus, down to her bestie NeNe, has two kids by two different men. So does Kandi.”

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[Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/Bravo]