Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Subpoenas Patricia Altschul To Court

Thomas Ravenel must like the inside of a courtroom. The former Southern Charm star currently has a variety of cases in the South Carolina legal system. One of them is (say it with me now) an alleged sexual assault case. Another one is a long term custody war with ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis.

Thomas and Kathryn are parents to daughter Kensington, and her little brother, Saint Julien. T-Rav employs a new strategy in his case against Kathryn, but is he trying to play a chess game with checkers moves? The back and forth is ongoing and only the children have remained consistent. Kensie and Saint seem like pawns in this brutal family battle that refuses to end.

Thomas wants details and he thinks Patricia Altschul might have them. In new court documents obtained by The Blast, Thomas has subpoenaed Miss Pat in order to question her about Kathryn and Bravo. Thomas believes Pat and Kat might have been conspiring on the down low and wants the 77-year-old socialite to fess up.

Pat claims she is only “involved” in this matter due to occasional appearances on Southern Charm. Her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith is an executive producer of the show, which centers around the lives of his friends. Saying she does not want to participate in either side for this case, Patricia has requested the judge shut down Thomas the subpoena.

Pat’s attorney argues his client “should not be subjected to hours of questioning regarding issues that are totally irrelevant to this case.” Patricia believes Thomas’ attempt to force her into giving testimony is nothing more than harassment. Previously not a fan of Kathryn, the two repaired their relationship and have since bonded over their mutual hatred of T-Rav Kathryn’s improved behavior. Patricia feels Thomas can get the information he desires from other witnesses, however the judge has yet to rule in her favor.

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T-Rav says Bravo had cameras rolling during conversations between Kathryn and the kids regarding his legal issues. How does that even come up in conversation with toddlers? Did they see Daddy’s mugshot on tv or something? At any rate, he is taking the necessary steps to prevent the footage from airing on the the show.  Along with the custody case, he filed a lawsuit against Bravo in 2018 to stop the company from running anything he feels is undesirable.

In October of last year, Kathryn sued for primary custody of  Kensie and Saint. She lost visitation with the kids in 2016 after exhibiting some less-than-motherly behavior and failing a drug test. After completing rehab and cleaning up her act, she was awarded joint custody. She has since petitioned the courts to seal the custody case from the public. This might be the only attempt at protecting the children from the incredibly messy situation. Though one could argue Kathryn does not want further dirty laundry of hers aired out.

Man, that T-Rav is a court document filing machine! Thomas’ attorney has got to be making a fortune off of him. Hopefully, the judge will seal the case and gag both parents for all eternity from speaking publicly. After all, this is the South. We usually don’t insult you to your face, but all bets are off once you turn your back. #teamkensieandsaint

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]