Tinsley Mortimer Says Barbara Kavovit Is Doing Luann De Lesseps’ “Dirty Work” & Dorinda Medley Should Be Upset About Clambake

Real Housewives of New York is back for Season 11, and I am here for the drama! The ladies kicked off the season in the Hamptons, where we learned that the Housewives are divided into two teams: the blondes (led by Ramona Singer) and the brunettes (helmed by Luann De Lesseps). The exception is Sonja Morgan, who floats between the two camps.

Tinsley Mortimer, of course, is still looking for love. She split from on-and-off boyfriend Scott Kluth. Again. During Season 9 of RHONY, Tinsley was introduced to the Chicago businessman by Housewives alum  Carole Radziwell. This socialite is on a mission to obtain an engagement ring. Tinsley is not stopping until she gets one. Hopefully, she can avoid the temptation of trying on wedding dresses again before she has a commitment. That was just awkward.

In her Bravo blog, Tinsley addressed all the drama between her co-stars. “Here we are, a circle of friends, supposedly meeting up in the Hamptons to have a great time, and what do we end up doing? Totally splitting into two dissident camps: ‘the blondes vs. the brunettes.’ Can’t we all just get along?” Oh, Tinsley. This is RHONY— so the answer is a resounding “No!”

Tinsley then dished about Barbara Kavovit’s clambake. Dorinda Medley was uninvited unless she apologized to Luann. “The clambake was my first time meeting Barbara, who seems nice, but far too loyal to Luann,” Tinsley wrote. “I thought it was rude of her not to insist that Dorinda, Luann’s long-time friend with lots of history together, and Ramona, who was hosting Dorinda, both come to the clambake.” Let it be known that as soon as Ramona overheard about this clambake, there was no way that she was missing it. So, she tagged along with Sonja and Tinsley.

Tinsley felt that Luann was manipulating Barbara and called Luann out for it. “I’m so confused at the divide and this rift between two close friends, and I think it was wrong of Luann to put Barbara in a tough spot, having her do Luann’s dirty work by punishing Dorinda.”

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Tinsley also understood why Dorinda was upset about being cut from the clambake. “I totally understand why Dorinda was upset being left out of the clambake. She came to the Hamptons expecting to make amends with her old friend and was cut out of that option by Luann herself and her well-intentioned friends.” Tinsley added that Luann’s friends should allow the cabaret star to handle her own issues. “She’s a big girl…she can do it.”

So, will the New York Housewives mend their friendships? Will Tinsley finally find a man to put a ring on it? Will she take over yet another hotel room to use as a closet? Only time will tell!

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